My fondness for coffee is important to me. As a writer, I need coffee to fuel me through paragraphs. Coffee is an aid that awakens my senses, so I can create juicy details. In the past, my coffee addiction has led me on many journeys, including a brief stint as a barista, and a short lived strict coffee diet, as recommended by a personal trainer. Previously I’ve reviewed electronic coffee makers that had great convenience for a quick morning cup of coffee. Recently, I tried the Sowden Oskar Softbrew 2-cup coffee maker, which attracted me because of its traditional old fashioned approach to making coffee. I wrote a review after trying the coffee maker for a couple weeks.

Coffee Maker Review

When the company asked me to review their smallest coffee maker, I didn’t realize how small the coffee maker would be. Because I already had an electronic 12-cup coffee maker that I use in the morning, receiving a small coffee maker wasn’t an issue for me. I knew the small coffee maker would be excellent for an afternoon cup of coffee. I wouldn’t have been able to convince my husband to use an old fashioned coffee maker that required boiling water for our morning coffee, which he often prepared, anyway. Convenience is critical to some people, but not to me. I personally preferred to have a beautiful kitchen item that required a few more steps. To me, the enjoyment of having a cup of coffee was in the preparation. While making coffee was a ritual I used to motivate me throughout the day, I liked that the product had a hands on approach to coffee preparation to help me feel more connected to my coffee.

Because I already had an electronic coffee maker for my morning coffee, I used the Sowden coffee maker for my afternoon cup. Every day around noon I always needed a small cup of coffee to help pick me up so I could power through the day. In the past, I reheated old coffee from the morning brew. Now, with my new coffee maker, I created a small fresh brew in the afternoon. I played around with the amount of coffee and the amount of water over the two weeks when I was trying out the product. Making a great cup of coffee was simple. After placing the filter in the coffee maker, I put three scoops of coffee in the filter and I used my smallest pot to boil some water. When I poured the water in, I stirred the grinds and the water. After several minutes, I enjoyed a deliciously strong cup of coffee.

Personally, I felt that the beautiful design and hands on approach to coffee making was inspiring to me. Before I received the coffee maker, I wasn’t cooking often. As cooking started to become a chore, I was relying on my husband to prepare dinner – gratefully – and I had lost a lot of my inspiration in the kitchen. After I began using my new coffee maker, I regained a sense of inspiration in the kitchen. When dinner time approached, I made a small cup of coffee to fuel me, and I felt excited to cook again. Chopping, dicing, and sautéing was enjoyable. I had an incredibly natural feeling of energy to help me stay focused on creating a beautiful meal. The process of making a fresh brew of coffee with the new coffee maker gave me a reason to have a special moment to gather my thoughts, brainstorm, and organize my ideas, which helped me become more productive and happier.

I received a free product to help inform my writing.

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