Has the Easter Bunny planned out his gift basket ideas for your children yet? My kids and I would wholeheartedly recommend Educational Insights card games as academic, fun Easter Basket ideas. Being a teacher certified to teach K-6 in two states, I advocate for incorporating academic material into daily life at home. Because of my background of publishing over 100 product reviews online, I perused the best products for Easter basket gift ideas. I reviewed the Sneaky Snacky Squirrel card game, the Sneaky Snacky Squirrel board game, and the Diggity Dogs game, which all entertained my early learner daughter who couldn’t stop begging to play again and again! 

Review of the Products

As a mom of two girls ages four and under, I selected a fuzzy animal theme for my Easter baskets. Games with squirrels and dogs matched my daughters’ interests. When we played the Diggity Dogs board game, my daughter fell in love with the adorable dogs. Interestingly, the dogs featured in the game were chosen from pets in a social media contest and brought in for a professional photo contest. My daughter learned to describe many different breeds of dogs. Incorporating language often during the game helped increase my daughter’s academic vocabulary. While we played, I seized the opportunity to discuss the animals’ coloring, size, and facial expressions.

Sneaky Snacky Squirrel board game came with a squirrel squeezer, which had excellent educational value. As a mom, I appreciated that my daughter could work on her fine motor skills with a game. Mixing entertainment with education gave us quality family time as my daughter learned vital preschool skills. My daughter improved her fine motor skills as she utilized the squeezer to pick up acorns, and she thought analytically to come up with a strategy to play the game. Even though the board game was too big to fit in my kids’ Easter baskets, it could fit if you had a jumbo basket or you could wrap it as a gift on the side.

Another clever game idea was the Sneaky Snacky Squirrel card game, which complimented the board game. Because my daughter adored the board game, she also delighted in the card game. I liked that the card game fit easily in my diaper bag to take on the go for my daughter to play at the grandparents’ house. Best for ages 4 and up, the game was a reasonable size for any Easter basket. As a parent and educator, I commended the creators of the game for incorporating educational skills. My daughter worked on her memory skills as well as her attention span, sorting, and matching skills. I loved that the skills my daughter learned were critical for her to learn as she got closer to kindergarten. Wholeheartedly I recommended the games as great Easter Basket ideas for early learners.

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