Gift certificates to FashionPlaytes online clothing design website make an excellent present for girls around age 6 to 12. As a mom, I reviewed the website to see what the end product would look like in person. I was wholeheartedly impressed. One of my fondest memories in middle school would be doodling clothing designs. Recently, I came across FashionPlaytes, which helps girls add special touches to simple designs of clothing and accessories. The concept for the website was interesting to me, so I was excited when the company offered me a $50 gift certificate to design a couple accessories with my oldest daughter.


Clothing Design Website Review

I found the website very easy to navigate. My daughter, who is a little younger than the target audience for the product, could easily understand how the website worked. When you head to the Design Studio, you choose the type of item you want to design. You can choose from clothing, accessories, outerwear, and bags. I decided to look at the accessories and bags since the clothes were too big for my daughter, who is three years old.

IMG_0723 When a scarf caught my attention, my daughter and I decided to add some personal touches. I added an image of a guitar because my daughter loves music and is learning to play guitar. Choosing to make the scarf purple, I customized the ends with pink and purple sparkles. Purple is my daughter’s favorite color, as our family loves the Baltimore Ravens. Adding more special touches, I added the letter “S” in diamonds, and I created a label with my daughter’s name, Samantha. Honestly, the scarf is super special for my little girl and to me. When I realized the website charged for each add on, as a ran low on gift card money, I decided to use to rest of the gift card to purchase a girly pink zebra bag without customizations.


Review of the Items
When I ordered the items, I had a blast customizing the outfits. I couldn’t tell from the website what kind of material the company used to make the items. Because ordering items online doesn’t permit me to see and feel and item, I wasn’t sure how the quality would be before the items arrived. When my items arrived, I was super impressed with the quality. My daughter’s purple scarf is made from the softest material. Customizations added to the scarf are very durable. The pink zebra bag looked very high quality, durable, and practical. Personally, I would wholeheartedly recommend buying young girls a gift card to the website. 


I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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