When I got married, my husband and I received two free sets of plastic kitchen utensils that came with a large round stainless steel crock to hold the items. Over the years, the plastic utensils have gotten damaged, as in the first few months of our marriage, I had no idea that the plastic would burn if I left the items in a hot pan. Last week, when the kitchen product company JosephJoseph offered for me to try the ElevateTM Carousel Tool Set, I was happy to write a kitchen utensils review. I love being able to replace old, damaged items I own for free to help inform my writing. While the online picture of the product looked bright and intriguing, I really only understood all the features when the product arrived at my home.


Kitchen Utensils Review

While writing my kitchen utensils review, I was immediately drawn to the design of the carousel. As the kitchen tools hang on a storage stand that rotates and has a non-slip rubber base, the design can help the items dry completely when not in use. In the past, every time I’ve put my old kitchen utensils in their stainless steel crock, I worry that moisture gathers at the bottom of the crock to create a mold or mildew. Now, with my new product, having the kitchen tools hang on a stand seems very practical and hygienic. Air can circulate around the slats on the spoons, which I can picture holding a lot of moisture, to keep the item dry in between uses.

As a less noticeable design feature, the integrated tool rest is very practical and hygienic. Each kitchen tool has a weighted handle with a tool rest, which is a small stand to keep the item elevated when you set the item on the counter. Previously, with my old kitchen utensils, I always made a mess when I cooked. In the past, when I set the utensils down, I groaned, thinking about the raw chicken germs or the messy pasta sauce getting on the counter. Getting out a dish to place the utensils on had been always a thought I had too late. Now, my new kitchen tools are designed for convenience as well as practicality.


I received a free product, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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