Technology is my favorite thing to review. Recently I ran across the website for an audio company, BiGR Audio, and I was eager to learn more. Most noticeably, the company had unique designs of headphones. Sports fans could appreciate the headphones supporting their favorite team. Personally, as my husband used to be a custom guitar builder, I was interested in trying the Elements Beechwood style, which retails for $119, and I received a pair in a bright metallic pink.


Audio Headphones Review

It’s worth noting that my old headphones were very low quality. In the past, I’ve never seen the point in spending over $20 on headphones. Because the price was higher than my old pair, I decided to hold the new headphones up to high expectations. On the¬†company’s website, there is an explanation that headphones can take a few days or weeks to wear in before the item starts to work properly. I began the review process by trying out the vibrant pink pair.

Even though I didn’t wait to wear the pink headphones in, the item fit comfortably, and the sound quality was fine to me – but I’m no audiophile. A day later, I switched from the pink pair to try the Elements Beechwood style. I could really tell a difference. When I connected the audio, the headphones had some scratchiness that the pink pair didn’t have. The scratchiness mostly went away in a few hours, but I look forward to seeing how the quality of the item improves with more use. Each pair wears¬†in differently but should be completely worn in within three weeks.

Regarding the style, I genuinely liked the look of the headphones. I felt that the vibrant, metallic pink pair of headphones was very fashion forward and had an urban/metro vibe. My daughter, who’s only 3 years old, was dying to keep the pink headphones when I let her try the pair on for a photo. With the Elements Beechwood style, the wood gives the headphones a laid back, relaxed feel, which would make the item fitting for someone who dresses with a casual or outdoorsy style.

When both pairs of headphones adjusted to the width of my head, I found them to be very light. I like the lightness because I can use my headphones to play music on my phone for a jog. The headphones comes with a phone switch. I could easily pick up a phone call when I’m listening to music on my phone during a run. As a long distance runner, I look forward to getting out of the house on a warmer day with my headphones and music on my phone.

If I had received the items as a gift, I would have been very impressed with the presentation of the Elements Beechwood style, which came in a wooden box. Some other styles come with a cloth carrying case. Overall the quality was good. I noticed that the quality of the wooden style improved a lot with some wear. The biggest pro to the headphones would be that the items have style without compromising quality.


I received two free items, and I received no other compensation from the company.

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