Kids’ clothing company LamanBlu recently sent me two children’s spring dresses. My older daughter Samantha received the Pucci Inspired Sun Dress in blue size 4T. My younger daughter received the same style of dress in pink size 12 months. Years ago, I volunteered in the fashion industry for runway shows and fashion photographers. Now, as a mom, I evaluated the dresses’ style, comfortability and practicality.

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Review of the Children’s Spring Dresses

While examining the clothes’ style, I liked the coastal vibe that the items had. As a child, I grew up near the equator on the archipelago of Sumatra, Indonesia, at the Caltex oil camp in Rumbai, where tank tops and dresses were easily a uniform for any child who didn’t want to become completely overwhelmed by the heat. Later in my life, I summered in Hawaii, traveled to California, and lived for two years in Florida. I felt that the clothing reminded me of some of the best, most relaxing moments in my favorite places. The clothing inspired me to think of the batik designs I saw in Indonesia and the styles people wore at the Daytona Beach pier.


Regarding the clothing’s comfortability, my children loved the design, which had plenty of give to encourage movement and play. As I analyzed the product’s design, I appreciated that the colorful fabric was soft and light. I dressed my youngest daughter in the pink dress when I had a babysitter for the night, and I heard that she had a lovely time playing without complaints when I was gone. My older daughter wore her dress on a trip to the grocery store and the mall. I could tell that my children were comfortable in the clothes, and I liked that they looked nice as well as age appropriate.

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Because I was testing the clothing in winter, I layered the dresses with leggings and a long undershirt. As the clothes were currently on sale for $35, the items were very practical for the price. I liked that my daughters could wear the clothes year round. Last summer, my daughter was sweating after five minutes of being in the sun wearing her shorts and T-shirt. I liked that the fabric was light and would breathe in the heat. In the upcoming spring and summer months, the dresses will be excellent for fussy kids dealing with the Tennessee heat.

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I received two products to help inform my writing.

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