As I grew up in five countries, I care a lot about teaching my daughter world languages. Previously, I completed my student teaching in an International Baccalaureate school where all students learned Mandarin Chinese. Now, I love the idea of teaching my children to speak many languages, but I’m at a disadvantage because the only language I speak fluently is English. When I tried out the Rock N Learn company’s new Learn a Language DVD, I was excited that I could expose my child to several languages while I refreshed my knowledge of Spanish, Italian and French and my husband refreshed his memory of how to speak German.

Review of the Learn a Language DVD

Teaching languages with visuals is important to helping kids learn. I liked that the video highlighted the objects it was talking about to help emphasize the vocabulary word’s meaning. When I took an English Language Learner class in graduate school at Vanderbilt University, I learned strategies for language acquisition that included visuals as well as song. Even when the video wasn’t using song, it had a nice rhythm with sound effects to help emphasize words. I felt that the sounds helped catch my daughter’s attention and engage her to encourage her achievement in language acquisition.


While my daughter watched the video, I could tell she enjoyed seeing the characters she had met in previous educational films made by the company. Easily I switched from language to language. Including such a range of languages was a smart move by the company. I liked that I expanded my vocabulary so I could converse in different languages with my daughter. I had never previously formally studied Mandarin Chinese, although I had spent some time in China, and I felt that I was learning a lot as an adult.

Although some people may argue that a video can’t teach a child language, I remember years ago when my daughter barely spoke English words yet when she randomly asked me, “¿Hablas Español?,” which she had learned from a popular bilingual cartoon. Learning language from a video can be very effective. I prefer to learn the language with my daughter so we could practice translating to each other. When I took my daughter to a restaurant, I was proud to see my daughter practice her new language skills with the server and hostess. In the future, I plan to continue watching the video with my daughter to help me master the language skills as well as to give my daughter more exposure to the languages.

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I received a free product to help inform my writing.

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