As I have a background in the fashion industry, I love finding accessories that jazz up my children’s wardrobe. Ooh La Leggies is a family-owned company that has been profiled in Model Life Magazine and Pregnancy and Newborn magazine as well as featured on as a Best Selling Brand. I really like how the leg warmers come in different colors and patterns as well as seasonal styles. Obviously I recommend the leg warmers as an age-appropriate clothing accessory for kids. I like how girly girls and tomboys can find a pair to go with anything.

Children’s Leggings Review

As a style-savvy mom, I enjoy dressing my child, Sammy, in age-appropriate clothes and accessories. The company carries a line of leg warmers to fit newborns – size 8 and older. As fall approaches, I really appreciate that leg warmers help cover Sammy’s bare legs. I love how they add style to Sammy’s outfits. This past summer, Sammy completed an intense and competitive dance camp. I like to encourage Sammy’s interests, and I am happy that the ballerina leg warmers fit with a hobby that Sammy loves.

I was excited to sample the leg warmers to see what my daughter Sammy thought about wearing leg warmers over her tights to dance class. Sammy loved dancing in them. She was comfortable and had inspiration to move as a dancer. I was so happy to see Sammy practice her ballet and hip hop dance moves for me. My favorite part of watching Sammy was when she practiced her arabesque, which looked incredibly elegant, in her leotard and ballet slippers with the leg warmers. As a snapshot photographer, I wanted to get the right photograph to show off the leg warmers. I ended up dressing Sammy in a couture red coat with the leg warmers. I like how the leg warmers can go with most any outfit to add a femine, fun touch.

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