Pink clothing is an excellent fashion statement for boys and girls. Years ago, I learned that pink is often overlooked in the contemporary academic culture, which snubs its nose at anything that could convince little girls to behave like princesses, instead of athletic, confident geniuses. Personally, as I went through graduate school in the education department at Vanderbilt, I came to the realization that kids, including my daughters, won’t be at an academic disadvantage because of their color preferences. Kids can find more enjoyment out of things that appeal to their interests. Years ago, when I was a kid, my favorite song that played at my first concert was Pink by Aerosmith. Now, Samantha, my oldest daughter, had inherited my love for the color pink. Today, all kinds of kids love the color pink! When I discovered the Quirkie Kids T-shirt line, I knew that my two daughters were going to be some of the company’s biggest fans. While the unisex pink T-shirts could work for boys or girls, the design was artsy and fun to appeal to a wide range of kids. 

Review of the Kids’ T-shirts

Bold colors were a huge trend for kids’ clothes this summer 2014. My daughters received two vibrant, pink T-shirts. After analyzing the various designs, I chose the Best Friends style to symbolize my daughters’ friendship. Immediately, the shirts were a huge hit with my girls. Samantha, who refers to herself as “Style Sammy,” was jumping up and down with excitement over getting pink shirts. Animal designs appealed to the girls too. Having a matching shirt for the little sister was the key to keeping both daughters happy. While genuinely appealing to my daughters’ interests, the shirts made an excellent random present that completed surprised and excited the girls.

Kids' t-shirts

Dressing for a day on the town, the girls happily compared their outfits. Samantha chose to pair her shirt with white leggings, which looked very bright and modern, which was in season for kids’ summer fashion trends. For my younger daughter, Georgiana, the size 2T was a little big on her. I had ordered the size 2T for growing room, even though my daughter was only 14 months old. To make the outfit stylish, I tucked the shirt into a patterned, floral skirt and I put on some pink athletic tennis shoes. Floral patterns and bold colors were very in season for summer, so the outfit was perfect for “Fashion Georgiana,” as her older sister calls her. Although both daughters looked ready for a really fun day, when we drove half an hour to the nearest city, Nashville, a disaster struck.

“Georgiana vomited!” said Samantha.

Kids' t-shirts

Searching for a parking spot for 5 minutes felt like it took hours. The smell was bad. When I finally parked the car, I could see that our day was ruined. Georgiana vomited all over her new shirt. My plan of taking the girls out in their new shirts was ruined. Clearly we had to return home. I didn’t have a change of clothes in the car, and I wasn’t sure if the baby was actually sick, which could mean that she was contagious.

When I got home, I washed the shirts right away. Laundering the stinky smell off of my daughter’s shirt was critical. I had inhaled yucky vomit smell for half an hour, and I could feel my stomach turning. I washed the shirts in cold water and dried them on the normal setting. After the shirts dried, I was relieved that their quality was unchanged. The size hadn’t shrunk, luckily, as I plan for my daughters to get a lot more use out of the clothes in the future.

To learn more, visit the company’s website.

Disclosure: I received a free product, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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