Appaman's clothes are comfortable, sophisticated, and practical. Wearing a long-sleeved dress and tights, my daughter looks ready for formal occasions and ready to play with friends!

Numerous celebrities have been photographed with children dressed in Appaman clothing, such as actress Sarah Jessica Parker, singer Gwen Stefani, reality star Kourtney Kardashian, and actor Matthew McConaughey. Clearly the brand makes cool, celebrity kids’ clothes. With numerous celebrity endorsements this company is a really fun brand that kids as well as parents can enjoy. The company creates designs based on the style of Brooklyn. Years ago as an aspiring actress, I lived on the edge of Park Slope in Brooklyn, so I enjoyed dressing my daughter in a Brooklyn-inspired style.

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Celebrity Kids’ Clothes Brand Appaman Review

Dressing my daughter in celebrity kids’ style, I was surprised with how comfortable the clothes were. Appaman children’s clothing company has excellent, high quality fall and winter dresses for girls. I received the Varsity Dress in Carnation with the matching Galaxy Tights. Also, the company sent me a long sleeve grey printed Peacock Gathered Tee and vibrant stretch Pipe Pants in Medieval Purple. I was excited to try the outfits with my oldest daughter Samanhta. The clothes had a neat style and fit well. As a snapshot photographer, I enjoy taking photos of my daughter in clothes that honestly inspired her to smile.

While dressing my daughter, I noticed that the Varsity Dress looked comfortable and sophisticated with the Galaxy Tights. The outfit looked appropriate for preschool and church as well as for a walk outside. Sammy really came to life with this outfit and she begged to wear the dress for the rest of the night. I appreciated that the outfit was age appropriate and covered my daughter’s clavicle. As a mom with a background in the fashion industry, I liked how the style of the outfit was fashionable.

Another thing I considered was the modest style. I thought the length of the dress was an appropriate length for a toddler as well as for preteens. My daughter loved lounging in the dress at the church nursery. I noticed that the fabric of the dress was lightweight and practical. My daughter enjoyed wearing the dress in the fall with tights and later, in winter with outerwear.

To go to a late night RCIA session, I brought my daughter to church wearing the T-shirt and pants. As I took my daughter to the church nursery in her new outfit, she was super comfortable to play. I loved how practical the outfit was. My daughter immediately broke into a run when she saw her friends. Later in the week, when my daughter went to her mother’s day out school, I saw that she was playing on the floor and looked very happy as well as incredibly comfortable. I really liked how soft the T-shirt was, and I thought the pants were amazing for playing because of the stretchy material. In the future, I will look forward to passing the items on to my younger daughter. While the company might be known for making celebrity kids’ clothes, the clothes were so practical and lovely.

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I received free items to help inform my writing.

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