Bathroom vanities are areas that can easily get cluttered. When you lack basic organizational items, your morning routine can overtake the entire bathroom. Vanities are meant to be the centerpiece of the bathroom. Beautify your space with a bamboo soap dispenser and organizer from ToiletTree. Trying the item out in my home, I discovered that it completely changed the appearance of my bathroom vanity.

Bathroom Vanity Organization

Using the ToiletTree Bamboo Soap Dispenser and Organizer

Sometimes the simplest things can create a whole new atmosphere in a room. Before using the item, my bathroom vanity looked scattered. Tossing toothbrushes directly on the sink always created a mess. A couple years ago, I got frustrated with the toothbrush holder I had, and I stopped using it because it was difficult to clean. Using my new toothbrush holder, one thing I liked was that it had a wide mouth and was easy to clean with a sponge. The toothbrush holder is removable from the organizer, so you don’t have to attempt to clean the whole product in order to clean one component.

Bathroom Vanity Organization with the ToiletTree Bamboo Soap Dispenser - Theresa's Reviews -

Another helpful part was that the organizer had tiny drawers. While I couldn’t fit an entire tube of men’s lip care in the drawer, there was plenty of space for a contact lens case and some eye drops. Taking a couple small items off the counter made the area look much nicer. When random items end up on the counter, such as hair ties or Bobby pins, the drawers are the right place.

Having a soap dispenser was an improvement in the space too. My old strategy for soap was to purchase a new, disposable soap canister every few weeks at the grocery store. I never stocked up on soap in bulk, because the disposable soap canisters could get dirty after a while, especially with having little kids in the home. With a bathroom vanity organizer that had a soap dispenser, I could reduce my carbon footprint. The canister was easy to clean, and it looked much nicer than a disposable soap dispenser.

Adding the bamboo soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, and organizer to my bathroom vanity made the whole room look much nicer. The color of the bamboo and the white coloring looked appealing, basic, and neutral. Using the organizer added simplicity to my bathroom vanity, which made the space look clean and open. Since I haven’t added much decor to my bathroom, the bamboo item is the start of a new look to the room. In the future, I will look forward to checking out more items that will match the organizer to make the whole room look more together.


I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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