If you keep up with my writing, you may have noticed that I have checked out a couple sock delivery services lately. Although I liked what I found, I was still trying to find practical, everyday socks for my daughter Samantha who is heading to kindergarten this fall. When I discovered Foot Cardigan’s Whippersnappers, I was eager to try out the socks. In each sock delivery, you receive two pairs of socks. Because I lucked out, I received four pairs to get a bigger picture of the sock designs that the company carries.

Foot Cardigan’s Whippersnappers Review

When using the service, you select the size you want to receive. You can choose socks for ages three to 12. Two pairs of socks will arrive to your home. You don’t actually select the style of socks before the pairs arrive. It’s a surprise to see what type of socks you’ll get.

Foot Cardigan's Whippersnappers Review - Theresa's Reviews -www.theresasreviews.com

The minute the socks arrived, my girls couldn’t keep their hands off the different pairs. Since back to school shopping is time consuming, receiving the socks was convenient. My worry had been that the convenience would help me, but that Samantha wouldn’t like the socks.  With Samantha’s picky taste in clothes, her excitement about the socks was a huge relief. Each pair was completely adorable. Before trying out Foot Cardigan’s Whippersnappers, I had never seen my daughters so happy over socks.

Foot Cardigan's Whippersnappers Review - Theresa's Reviews -www.theresasreviews.com

Both girls tried on the socks. Even though the socks were the right size for the older girl, Samantha, my two year old girl Georgiana couldn’t help but jump in and play too. The girls slid across the floor and pretended to ski. Wearing the socks as mittens gave the girls even more entertainment. Playing with the socks was so much fun that the girls could barely stop to take a serious sock photo. 

All four pairs of socks were great additions to Samantha’s fall, back to school wardrobe. With new socks, wearing some of last season’s leggings or tee shirts won’t be so noticeable. Because the socks are so fun, they are a great way to spruce up a plain outfit to get the most out of the clothes you own. Each pair had unique colors and patterns, which made them very appealing to my kids. With such interesting designs, the socks become a signature part of the outfit, instead of a necessity to tuck under your jeans.


Another thing I liked about the socks was that they were good quality. You can see what the socks look like after being worn by checking out the red watermelon socks on the right in the above photo. Samantha wore the socks all day. I was about to toss the socks in the washing machine when I decided to snap a photo first. The socks help up really well for how active my daughter is. Even after being washed, the socks still fit and looked great. Learn more and contact the company via Facebook.


I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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