Party planning for kids? With items from Smarty Had a Party, you can get a whole party in a box. As a mom, I had two birthdays to plan this month within weeks of each other. I was excited to get any bit of relief during the party planning process. To help make my parties a success, I received five different items: round paper lanterns, a Fuschia sequin table runner, two different types of disposable drink containers, and pink paper straws. While my daughters were fascinated with the cute pink coloring, I was really happy with how the items improved my space for the party.

Smarty Had a Party Review

One of the most fun parts of the birthday party for my daughters was that they received a tasty treat in the morning. Using the milk carafes and the pink straws, I made a special chocolate milk surprise. The result was really cute. Because each package of carafes came in a pack of six, I had plenty for a group of kids. I thought the quality of both products was good. After using the carafes, I washed them out with soap in case my daughters wanted to use them again. While the straws lasted the day, I was glad the pack came with 24 straws. Since the straws were just made of paper, instead of the traditional plastic, they wore down when my children chewed on them. The paper material did help make the straws look very photogenic, though.


Another item I received was a pack of 12 lanterns. Putting the lanterns up in the playroom completely transformed my house into a party house. The lanterns looked really festive. I found the quality of the lanterns to be good. Putting the items together was simple. Unlike some other styles of ball decorations that hang from the ceiling, the lanterns had two or three easy steps for assembly. With other items I’ve used in the past, I’ve spent many frustrated minutes pulling pieces of tissue paper apart to create the decoration. I was relieved that assembling the lanterns was so easy to do. Especially when planning a party, doing more work than needed can create so much stress. With these lanterns, I put them all together in about 30 minutes.P1020669

When the lanterns were hanging on the ceiling, I was really proud of how the kids’ play space looked. Putting the items on the ceiling was simple too. I used two feet of thread on each lantern. One thumbtack was plenty to keep the lantern up for an extended amount of time. To make sure the lanterns looked right, I spent a lot of time measuring the distance between each one. The result was really nice.

Smarty Had a Party Review

Another item was a beautiful Fuschia sequined table runner. Using colorful, sparkly party decorations really helped make my home look lively. My daughter loved the color and the sparkle. The item was pretty long on the ends, which made it suitable for different sizes of tables. I simply tied the ends so they wouldn’t drag on the floor.

I discovered that the table runner could work for many different spots in my house during a party. Since I already had a large, cartoon character table cloth for the main, kitchen table, I figured that the table runner could go over it to make that part of the house extra colorful. I also noticed that the item could work well on my living room table to help bring color into the whole house. While the item would fine to eat on, it could also help make a spot in the home for people to place their gifts.Smarty Had a Party ReviewOne of the best things about the candy station party package from Smarty Had a Party was that everything was so well coordinated. The colors matched perfectly. Using the items, I was able to add a splash of pink color as a theme running throughout my party decor. I also noticed that the company had a cool blog where I could find additional ideas showing how to use the items to make the most of them. Without using the company’s ideas, I don’t think I would have come up with such cute ideas.

One example of a cool idea I found on the blog was to use champagne flutes to hold candy for the guests. Usually, I wouldn’t think to use drink containers in an unconventional, hip way. The candy station idea helped make every detail of my party to be as special as possible. Each item added a lovely touch to the decor.

For me, the best part of the decor was watching my children have such a great time. My girls felt so special. I could tell that they were appreciative of all the small touches and lovely details that the party had. Being able to make my children’s birthday celebrations more special felt  rewarding to me. Using the party accessories was incredibly worthwhile.P1020689


Interested in getting a candy station party package? You can win a free set if you enter my giveaway. The winner will receive all of the items I did, including:

1 pack of 8” Fuchsia pink round paper lanterns (12/pk)
1 Fuchsia taffeta sequin table runner
1 pack of 5 oz disposable plastic champagne flutes (10/pk)
1 pack of 7.5 oz mini plastic milk/juice/wine carafes (6/pk)
1 pack of candy pink striped paper straws (24/pk)

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I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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  1. Emily Smith

    I think these would be great to use at my niece’s birthday party this summer.

  2. Alison Tolar

    I would use this set to host a party for my girl friends, just because.

  3. Debra S

    HOW pretty! How any of my 10 grandgirls would adore to have these decorate their parties. Why wait for a Birthday? We have parties all the time, we don’t just wait for a birthday. Why not use the lanterns anytime at all?? Happy UNBirthday!

  4. Tammy Evans

    I would use this party set for the party we are throwing for our friends here in FL before we move to NY.

  5. Linda G.

    I would use this set this summer when we celebrate my niece’s birthday. Thank you for the chance.

  6. Howard G.

    We would use these this summer when we have the family over for a cookout. Thank you for the chance.

  7. liz l

    My nieces 6th birthday is coming up- this would be perfect for her princess theme

  8. Stacy

    I would use this over the summer. We throw lots of parties over the summer, no reason in particular.


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