Savor Christmas when your children are young. Lights will seem to twinkle brighter. Red and green will seem to shine more vibrantly. The pure, innocent energy and excitement of youth become so unobtainable as the years pass. This year, when my daughters asked if we could put up the decorations before Thanksgiving, I told them it was the best way to spend the weekend with them. We were creating a home decorated well before the traditional time of year, but we were making memories to cherish. Samantha’s excitement was clear as I hung the Season’s Greeting sign in our home. Georgiana’s awe and wonder shone brightly as she watched our new Santa lamp light up in our living room. Days later, Olaf toys came out of their dusty spots in the toy box to sit out as a decoration too.

Christmas Decor Roundup

To embrace the holiday season this year, we went all out with our decorations. In the past six years, I’ve slowly collected new ornaments and the occasional sale item to display, but my home has never been as stunning as it could be. Now, with the following items, my home is more festive than it ever has been. Giving my kids a winter wonderland is incredibly fun and rewarding.

One of the most noticeable and fun items is the Gemmy Inflatable Animated Shivering Snowman. The inflatable gets a lot of attention since it actually shivers! My kids love having the snowman, and they call him Frosty. I’ve used Gemmy inflatables for every holiday this season: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and now Christmas. Each inflatable has been high quality, so I am very satisfied. Even when kids play with the inflatable, it hasn’t broken or gotten damaged.

Christmas Decor Roundup - Theresa's Reviews -

To decorate the walls, I used PartyCheap’s Flame Retardant Christmas Decorating Kit. This inexpensive method made the whole house look festive. The kit is great for Christmas parties. You can instantly make a room come alive with color. Putting the parts up and taking them down is simple to do. An added bonus is that the kit is flame retardant, which is a smart choice because it’s safer.

Christmas Decor Roundup - Theresa's Reviews -

For a more expensive look, buy some Tiffany glass 6-piece candle holders and a Santa Claus Tiffany glass accent lamp from Meyda. These items make excellent Christmas gifts for others, and they are beautiful, elegant decor for my living room. Last year, I loved putting up the family heirloom stained glass Christmas items that were passed down from my mom. To give my daughters the same experience, I’m saving an extra Meyda nativity set for each girl to use in the future.

Christmas Decor Roundup - Theresa's Reviews - www.theresasreviews.comBring Christmas joy to your home with a decorative centerpiece. My favorite is the Silver and Joy Centerpiece from Teleflora. An arrangement of roses and carnations with two red candles makes the tabletop lively with color and warmth. You get a shimmering snowflake bowl that is food-safe, ceramic, and reusable. Even when the flowers fade, the ceramic bowl will continue to find a special place in your home.

Christmas Decor Roundup - Theresa's Reviews -

Since I’ll be entertaining my kids throughout the holiday season, some of the decorations need to be edible. With Popcorn Factory’s Snowman Container with Plush Snowballs, you get the fun of having plush snowballs and a fun snowman container. The other great part is that it comes with popcorn balls, popcorn, and sour gummi snowmen. This is a decoration you’ll be happy to open before Christmas day.

Christmas Decor Roundup - Theresa's Reviews - www.theresasreviews.comWhat tips do you have to make your home beautiful during the holidays? Share below! If you have a great craft idea, be sure to share it on my Facebook page, and I can repost it.


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  1. Rahela

    Hi, this is so GREAT! Can’t wait for the Christmas time. Amazing decoration and ideas. Thanks Rahela P.S. I like your blog. 🙂

  2. trenna

    I am not quite ready for Christmas! So I am going to return and read it the day after Thanksgiving again. Great read.

  3. Kim

    I love the shivering snowman…I have a snowman collection. My son is 13 and I think he’d be mortified if I put that snowman on the front lawn, but I do LOVE it.

  4. Jhanis

    Love the centerpiece! The only decorating I’ve done so far is put up the Christmas tree over the weekend and most of the balls are already missing! Tsk. Kids. :’

    • theresa

      I know, right? My tree looked great for a week. We didn’t take any photos, and then the kids pulled all the tinsel off of it. Oh, well. Now I know to take pictures right away next year. 🙂


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