With my children, I recently reviewed the ABCs of Yoga for Kids 2015 Calendar. Testing yoga products introduced me to the world of children’s yoga. Before having kids, I would spend hours at the gym and I was dedicated to attending two weekly yoga classes. Now that I have adapted my practice of yoga to include my children, I’m able to keep up my exercise, while also teaching my children about healthy living. The calendar is one way I’ve integrated yoga practice into my family life.

ABCs of Yoga for Kids Calendar Review

Before using the calendar, the main tools I used for my children’s yoga practice included a kid’s yoga mat and online kids’ yoga videos. Now, with the calendar, I discovered a new way to encourage regular yoga practice. Using the calendar, when I woke my daughter Samantha up in the morning, we tried out the poses. Having the calendar near Samantha’s bed encouraged her to do yoga immediately when she awoke. We pulled the kids’ yoga mat out of the cold, downstairs gym, where it wasn’t getting much use in the winter. Creating a new spot for yoga in my children’s bedroom helped create a foundation for healthy living.

ABCs of Yoga for Kids Calendar Review

Click on the photo to see it in high res.

Another cool thing about the calendar is that it helps reinforce an understanding of phonics. For instance, the pose you can see in the photo above with all the hearts around it is the February Balancing Stick Pose. The month of February says, “B is for Balancing Stick Pose,” and explains how to do the pose. With my background as a certified K-6 teacher, I like that the product helps me focus on phonics with both of my daughters. Even my younger daughter Georgiana, who is not quite two years old, is learning the beginning letter sounds as she joins in making the poses with Samantha and me.

ABCs of Yoga for Kids Calendar Review

Click on the photo to see it in high res.

Every month, the calendar shows a different pose. With my daughters, in the year 2015, my goal is to wake up each morning to the pose of the month. As a group of three, we will encourage each other to keep up with our healthy body, mind and spirit goals with the calendar. I will also be using the calendar as a place to write down other healthy living goals. Every Sunday, I’m adding that we will attend church as a family. I will also write down regular family walks, especially as the weather outside gets nicer. The calendar is an awesome product for my fitness-oriented family and it makes a great gift for anyone with kids. To learn more, visit the company’s website, where you can also find free coloring pages.

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Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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  1. Mimi

    This is toooooo cute! My bestie is into yoga and whenever she watches my kids they get her to teach them poses and they come and show me. I’m going to get this for them. I think they’ll be thrilled and I’ve even been wanting to do a little yoga so this should be fun for the family.


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