Recently, I discovered baby outerwear company 7 A.M. Enfant when I was researching the latest children’s fashion trends. Intrigued by the designs, I asked the company if I could sample the Pookie Poncho in a Metallic Steel Blue, which usually retails around $118, to help inform my writing. Generously, the company offered to send me a free product for me to review. Reviewing products I need and can actually use is the best part of what I do. As the weather cools down, I’ve been thinking a lot about winterizing the home, and planning a trip to the north east for the holidays. I’ll need to keep my  baby warm when I’m walking around Maryland on super chilly days.


Baby Outerwear Review

With multiple uses, the Pookie Poncho can strap on to baby carriers, and can transform into a cover with a hood for a car seat and stroller. Multiple uses make the item very practical for different ages. Personally, I will use the product over my baby carrier until my baby is one year old, when I will phase out the carrier and just use the stroller. My older daughter used her stroller until she was three years old, so I can see the product being useful for several years, which is important to consider with an item that’s a splurge. The practicality of the product makes the item well worth the money.

As I wrote my baby outerwear review, I took a few minutes to try out different zippers and straps to see how it worked. I noticed that the product had two detachable hoods, one for using with strollers and one for using with baby carriers. Finding a Velcro strap on each side, I realized that the Velcro connects the Pookie Poncho to the baby carrier. Connecting the product to my carrier, I better understood how the product works. Because the item is an add-on to a carrier, it is not there to support and carry the baby. With the holidays approaching, I plan on using the product regularly. Wholeheartedly I would recommend the product, as I was very pleased with the warmth and comfort it provided to my little one on a very chilly day.

I used the product through the whole winter, while my daughter was under a year old. Having the product inspires me to be more active. Because I can’t use an excuse about needing to stay indoors to keep my baby warm, I have more encouragement to go on walks. My baby loves fresh air, so she’s excited when I take her for impromptu trips to get the mail or take a hike at the nature park. Honestly, for any women with babies under a year old in winter, the item makes an excellent gift. Next winter, I plan to continue using the baby outerwear with a stroller.


I received a free product to help inform my writing.

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