One of my fondest memories would be in 2005, when I spent the month of July summering in Hilo, Hawaii, where I learned how to sail. My memory of Hilo is very romantic, as I spent the month studying the stars, walking on volcanic rock and getting fresh air sailing on the water. Bringing back my memories of sailing in Hilo, children’s clothing line Wheat USA creates items with loose, relaxed styles , inspired by Danish children’s clothing style . Recently, the company sent me two free items to review in my writing. As always, I give an honest review based on my experience with the items. Trying the clothes on a baby showed me that the items look very fashionable. The clothes have a traditional style that is conservative and laid back with great comfortability.

children's clothing style

Children’s Clothing Style Features

I wrote the following list to describe some of the best features of the clothes.

  • Quality fabric
  • Light, comfortable designs
  • Practical
  • Loose around the waist
  • Classic style
  • Flattering design
  • Fashionable, but not fussy

Review of the Children’s Clothing Style

Dressing a child in the clothes made me nostalgic for the sea, as I’m water-deprived in Tennessee. When I realized the company is headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, I realized why the clothes were so appealing to me. I did a long job search in Maryland this past summer, as I really like the area, and my husband is from Howard County. When I received the clothes, I realized that the two outfits reminded me of a coastal Maryland look. Now I feel inspired to head to Ocean City! 

children's clothing style

About Wheat USA

Researching the company showed that the clothes are affordable for having such an elegant style. Founded by a Danish couple, the company explains on its Facebook page that it has a focus on “harmony in simplicity with delicate details.” I can wholeheartedly and honestly agree that the company’s vision is successful. Personally, I adore how the style is classic and upscale as well as practical. Designs fit with the latest trends, without being fussy or over the top. Comfort is as much a priority as style is. I genuinely like the fit and design of the items.


I received two free outfits to inform my writing.

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