During the past year as a blogger, I’ve been a big supporter of the Green Toys company. For this year’s holiday shopping article, I wanted to revisit the idea of shopping for products from the Green Toys company. With a focus on environmental awareness, the company makes items that are durable. All of my products from the company have held up incredibly well in the past year. Now, I tried out the Seacopter product to see how it worked.

Green Toys Seacopter Review

As a mom blogger, I’ve been lucky to review a lot of toys for my daughters. Green Toys have been one of my favorite brands because of their educational value. Because I’m also a certified teacher, I like that the products teach my children about transportation. After spending the weekend at the aquarium, I knew the Seacopter would be a hit with my daughters. The sea animals  that my daughters saw at the aquarium inspired them to learn about transportation over the sea with a sea helicopter toy.


One of the neat features of the Seacopter was that it had spinning parts. The motion, which captured my baby’s attention, gave the product a realistic look.  When I spun the rotator parts, I could tell that the plastic felt sturdy. I’ve learned over the past year that the durability of products from the company has been exceptional. Check out the main rotator blade spinning above.


You can also see the tail rotator working. As I examined the toy, I noticed that the parts worked well. Because the product also floats in water, the rotator parts add a fun dimension to the item as a bath toy. For my kids, splashing in the water was exciting when the sea helicopter was zooming in and out of the water! My kids had a blast in the tub, and in the summer, they will enjoy bringing the product to our local kiddie pool.

Another neat feature was the removable bear character. Because the bear could exit the Seacopter, the toy had a storytelling dimension that was great for make believe play. My daughters enjoyed making up names for the bear, and they had fun creating stories about the bear driving the product. The bear, which was about an inch tall, fit well through the side doors. I also put the bear into the product through the front window of the cockpit.


While examining the toy, I noticed that the cockpit was designed with excellent detail. To help make the product look realistic, small dials and knobs lined the front of the cockpit. Sitting, the bear looked hard at work driving the product in his seat. As I played with the toy, I noticed that the detail of the product made it special.

To learn more, visit the company’s website.

Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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  1. Lindsay B

    this looks like such a classic toy, I bet your girls love it- I know mine would! Anything that they can play make-believe with it is a hit!

  2. Shannon

    Wow. This is a great toy and I love that the cockpit is so detailed. What’s the age on it?

  3. Corina Ramos

    I would love to get a toy like this for my grandsons. I’d like to know the age on it too…my 7-month old is at an age where everything goes straight to his mouth :).

  4. Terumi

    My guys really enjoyed their green toys and still like bringing them to spray parks. This one would be so fun in the summer:)


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