Green Toys are plastic toys made from recycled plastic. I sampled two of the vehicle toys to teach my daughter about transportation, farming, and recycling. The toys were excellent manipulatives for a very important educational lesson.

I recently moved from an urban area to a rural area. Now that I have an acre yard I have been so excited to teach my oldest daughter about nature. This past week I needed manipulatives to guide my oldest daughter, Sammy, to understand how transportation helps people recycle and helps people farm. I was thrilled to sample two toys from an eco-friendly company Green Toys. I liked that the company makes the toys mainly from recycled plastic milk jugs.

Teaching Environmental Awareness

The toys worked great for teaching environmental awareness.

Teaching Environmental Awareness with Green Toys: a Review

I knew I wanted to focus an educational lesson on the environment. As I picked out the toys I wanted, I kept in mind my objective for my lesson. I received the Recycling Truck that retails for $27.99 and the Tractor, which retails for $19.99. I introduced the toys in the yard. My daughter really enjoyed playing make-believe with the toys in the dirt with grass and leaves.

I appreciated that the toys were educational, and I loved that my daughter didn’t want to stop playing with the toys. As I like keeping toys germfree I really appreciate that the toys can go through the dishwasher. I would honestly recommend using the toys as an educational manipulative for children who are learning about the environment.

My favorite part of the products that I received would be the quality. The toys were very sturdy. So many plastic toys on the market are lightweight and feel cheap. I really liked how the toys I received felt strong. My daughter accidentally dropped the Recycling Truck without causing a dent or a scratch. I loved that the toys withstood having my daughter play in dirt, on cement, and in grass.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the Recycling Truck and Tractor for the high quality feel of the products. Recycling Truck is available for purchase at Nordstrom, and both toys are available on the Green Toys website. 

Teaching Environmental Awareness


I received two toys for writing this review.

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