Celebrating my second daughter’s first moments was a joy as I felt more experienced as a mom. My older daughter already owned a lot of great toys, which would all be passed down to my younger daughter. As Christmas arrived, I needed special, quality baby toys to make my younger daughter’s first Christmas celebration special. Because I had previously had a very positive experience with two items from the Green Toys company for my older daughter, I showed interest in reviewing a few baby products. Generously the company offered me the Tug Boat, Shape Sorter, and First Keys to review in my writing.

Green Toys Baby Products

Green Toys Baby Products

Review of the Baby Products

Before ordering the toys, I had been looking around a local grocery store for baby toys. All of the toys I found seemed very lightweight and breakable and even worse — the toys were dirty and dusty! Never would I have imagined giving my precious little girl toys that weren’t the very best. I knew I needed to contact the Green Toys company about doing a review. Earlier this year, when I reviewed several of the company’s products, which were the tractor and the dump truck, I learned how eco-friendly and safe the items were. Made from recycled plastic, the items felt durable and had no BPA, phthalates, or PVC. Because the company used safe products, I felt that the items I received were the best baby toys for my little girl’s first holiday.

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Playing with the toys, I loved the quality of the items. I could tell that the product had very durable plastic. All of the items had appealing colors. The keys were very age appropriate for my nine month old baby, who badly needed new teething toys as her top teeth come in and irritated her. My baby greatly enjoyed using the first keys as a shaker to make noise. I watched my little girl’s brown eyes light up with glee as she took a bath with the tugboat, which made an excellent special bath toy because of its size and vibrant coloring. I liked that the shape sorter helped my baby work on her spatial reasoning skills, and I honestly felt that the product was better quality than a lot of other shape sorters on the market.


I loved knowing that the products would last for a long time so my daughter could cherish the items as a memory of her first holiday. Because the other products I had received from the company months ago were in excellent condition, I could rest assured that my new products were of a similar quality. When my daughter played with the items, she was incredibly happy. I felt that the company did a very good job of using coloring as well as product designs, which appealed to my kids, and helped instill a love of learning in my children. Wholeheartedly I planned to continue encouraging my children to play with toys from the company.


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I received free items to help inform my writing.

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