Children’s sunglasses Babiators are a fashionable accessory for hip and stylish children. Numerous celebrities have been photographed with their children wearing Babiators sunglasses. Some celebrities who dress their children in Babiators include Perez Hilton, Kelsey Grammer, Beverly Mitchell, Marla Sokoloff, Neil Patrick Harris, Scott Disick, Jennifer Garner, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mariah Carrey, and Tiffani Thiessen. The company has been profiled in over 35 magazines. 

White Kids’ Sunglasses Review

I love my child Sammy’s sense of style. Sammy has always loved dressing up for pictures. Sammy danced around for two days waiting for me to put the Babiators sunglasses on her for a photo shoot. As Sammy put on her white kids’ sunglasses, I loved the bubbling excitement shining in Sammy’s eyes.

When I started taking photos, Sammy exclaimed, “I want to be a fashion model!”

Sammy struck 20 different poses, jumping off the sofa to get a neat effect on camera. I laughed because I have never before taught Sammy what a fashion model is. Sammy had a blast posing with her Babiators sunglasses. I loved that the sunglasses were an inspiration to Sammy as shown by the variety of poses and excitement in her eyes. Sammy gave me some serious fashion shots. I love how Sammy did a few jump shots off the sofa to show how fun the Babiators white kids’ sunglasses are.

During the review process, my daughter wore the sunglasses regularly. Even though my daughter can be tough on the items she uses, the product never got damaged or broke. In the future, I plan to continue shopping for sunglasses from the company for my younger daughter.




I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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Theresa has been writing since 2010 in magazines and online. Her lifestyle and parenting expertise has been featured in publications, including ShopSmart and Scholastic. She earned an M.Ed in Elementary Education from Vanderbilt as well as a BA in History from Flagler College, and she is a certified teacher.

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