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My oldest daughter Samantha  insists on snacking non-stop. Right after lunch, she’s already expecting another snack! I think the behavior is pretty normal for a 4 year old, but I’ve found that I need nutritious snacks around the home to keep Samantha happy. Now that I have a second little girl, I’m constantly on the lookout for excellent snacks to keep both kids happy. I’ve found a few snack products that always seem to satisfy my girls.

Peter Rabbit Organics Kids’ Snacks

Something I like about Peter Rabbit organic kids’ snacks is that the size of the pouch is pretty big compared to some other snack pouches that I’ve seen at the grocery store. Each snack pouch is full of yummy fruit as well as nutritious veggies. My daughters gobbled their snack pouches up in one day.  Clearly, the snacks were a success with my girls. I continue to purchase the snacks at my local grocery store. The flavors are excellent.

Ella’s Kitchen Kids’ Snacks

I was impressed with the colorful pouches and boxes of kids’ snacks that my kids got to try. The company sells a variety of products aimed at different age groups. For my younger daughter, I received two varieties of cereal that she loved.  My older daughter tried out some snack bars, which became a household favorite. Both girls enjoyed the snack pouches. Even though the snack puffs were meant for the younger girl, both girls enjoyed trying them. As a mom, I liked that the snack puffs included a tomato flavor to help my children appreciate their vegetables.

Honey Stinger Kids’ Snacks

As I like to instill a sense of athleticism in my older daughter, I was happy to try out some kids’ snack waffles. The products were tasty! My parents, husband and I helped my daughter eat the snacks. Each product had a yummy, honey inside that made it perfect to dip in coffee. Obviously my daughter ate the snack waffles without coffee, and she loved the taste. After eating the snacks, my daughter had a huge surge of energy and went running in the yard.


I received a free product to help inform my writing.

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