I wanted to highlight some kids’ shoes that my older daughter Samantha has worn nonstop. I have been impressed that the shoes are incredibly durable. As a mom, I’ve watched my daughter tread through mud and dirt in the yard wearing the shoes. I’m very impressed that the soles of all of the shoes held up wonderfully with plenty of use. While my daughter is incredibly active and athletic for a four year old, she has gotten great use out of a few pairs of shoes in the past year.

Soft Star Shoes

Cool kids' shoes

Soft Star Shoes are very comfortable. My daughter has worn her pair during winter and summer. In the past year, the shoes have become a favorite for playing in the yard. Even though my daughter plays in the dirt, she doesn’t worry about the shoes looking bad. Clearly, the brown dirt matches the gold color, so the shoes work fine for going out and running errands too.

Livie & Luca Kids’ Shoes

Cool kids' shoes

The Pio Pio style shoes from Livie & Luca are adorably hip for all occasions. I love the new styles that the company comes up with for each season. Small accents, such as birds and buttons, make the shoes stand out from other styles.

Umi Shoes

Cool kids' shoes

Umi Shoes gave my daughter some tennis shoes last year.  My daughter wore the shoes nonstop for an entire year. As a mom, I liked that the shoes gave my daughter a lot of support for her active lifestyle. Often my daughter would wear the shoes to run laps in the yard. I plan to buy my daughter another pair next year so she can continue to practice running in the right shoes.

Pons Shoes

Girl wearing cool kids' shoes

Pons Avarcus sandals were one of the most adorable shoes that my daughter received. Even though my daughter outgrew the shoes last year, I’ve saved them because I know they will make me nostalgic one day when my daughter is bigger. The shoes had a comfortable fit and looked nice for church too. Because the kids’ shoes had a rustic look, they worked well for playing outside and didn’t show dirt too much. In the future, I‘m considering passing on the shoes to my younger daughter.


I received free items to help inform my writing.

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