Ankle boots were a major fashion trend for fall and winter 2013. As I visited my husband’s family out of state for the holidays, I wanted to look stylish and relaxed as well as be able to travel easily with the shoes. I received the Arcopedico L19 style black suede women’s ankle boots, and I wrote a review to examine the fashionability and practicality of the shoes. Because I had a background of volunteering in fashion, I knew some of the latest fashion trends and I felt strongly that the shoes would fit with contemporary fashion. While traveling for the holidays, I chose the bring the shoes along to evaluate the practicality as a mom and as a traveler.

Review of the Women’s Boots

I hadn’t worn ankle boots in several years and I had to reevaluate how to best wear the shoes during winter. I tried wearing the shoes with black leggings paired with a dress or a skirt. For work, the shoes looked nice with black slacks. My favorite thing was that the shoes folded flat easily, making them perfect to take on a vacation. I fit the shoes in my bag with no problem so I could travel with them without having to take an extra bag for shoes.

While wearing the shoes, I felt very comfortable. Walking around the mall during Christmas time could have been miserable in the wrong pair of shoes. Wearing the boots made the walk pleasant. I hadn’t worn the shoes in much at all, but I had no aches or pains after walking for almost an hour. I loved feeling stylish and getting exercise, which I wouldn’t have been able to do with other practical shoes I owned that sacrificed the stylish look to get better comfort. As the shoes had excellent comfort and style, I didn’t need to bring any other shoes during my trip. I saved a lot of space in my suitcase because I didn’t need to pack more than one pair of shoes.

After pairing the boots with some hiking pants and a jacket, I went on a walk around the lake to walk off a large holiday meal. I felt great walking as the shoes had an excellent fit and offered good support. Because I was hiking in the cold winter weather of Maryland, I could tell that the boots really were appropriate for cold weather. The style and material kept the breeze off of my ankles. Wholeheartedly I enjoyed walking in the shoes, and I loved that I could fold the shoes up easily to fit the item in my suitcase and out of the way while I was a guest in someone else’s house.

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I received a free product to help inform my writing.

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