Shopping for the holidays, I came across an item that makes an awesome gift, the Capresso On-the-Go coffee maker. Anything coffee related works for so many people in my life – family, friends, or even teachers. Last year, I reviewed another item from the company, an Espresso and Cappuccino machine. Since I basically live on coffee, reviewing a coffee maker that I could take to go was a great fit for me.

Capresso On-the-Go Coffee Maker Review

Having a coffee maker that conveniently brewed a single serving of coffee into a mug was ideal for my lifestyle.  On my drive to work, I never passed a coffee shop. Even though I missed the freshly brewed coffee that baristas made in the area where I used to live, I’ve grown accustomed to bringing coffee that I made. Instead of just having to  make do, I found myself truly enjoying the impressive coffee that I brewed with the On-the-Go coffee maker. The taste was as good as the coffee that I usually brewed in my regular coffee maker.

Convenience attracted me to the product. In the morning before heading to my job, the coffee brewed quickly so I didn’t have to wait and face rush hour traffic. The taste was smooth. My coffee stayed warm in its mug. Hands down, the coffee maker was my favorite way to make coffee when I was in a rush. On the weekend, I used the coffee maker on a Saturday afternoon for a quick boost. Brewing was simple. I simply pressed the brew button to have the item make me a drink. Because the product was small, it easily fit in my office space at home. Without having to head to the kitchen, I brewed coffee at my desk while I wrote.

Capresso On-the-Go Coffee Maker

Credit: Capresso


When no one else in my family wanted coffee, the product handily brewed a single serving with minimal cleanup required. While brewing the coffee was convenient, cleaning the product was also simple. Easily, I lifted the permanent filter and the filter basket by the items’ handles. Washing the filter parts with a sponge and dish soap cleaned all the coffee residue. The coffee mug had a wide mouth, so cleaning it was simple too.

Using the Capresso On-the-Go coffee maker, I found that the product fit with my busy, working mom lifestyle. Preparing a single serving of coffee in my writing work space saved me time and make working less stressful to me. Clean up was simple. Because the item provided convenience, I planned to keep the item on my Christmas shopping list for some friends and family. I would recommend the product as a reasonably priced Christmas gift for any adult on your gift list.

Learn more about the product at the company’s website.

Disclosure: I received a free product, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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