As I’ve always loved fashionable jewelry, I was excited to receive my choice of a product fromSuperJewler, and I had a gut feeling that the 1ct Sky Blue Topaz Drop And Diamond Earrings In Sterling Silver were right for me. Years ago, when I was married, I chose sky blue as one of my wedding colors. My bridesmaids wore short sky blue dresses, which matched the seaside views near my St. Augustine, Florida wedding ceremony. Looking back, the earrings I received would have matched my wedding party beautifully, as the items had a very elegant and classy look without being overly fussy. I wrote the following review to examine the fashionability and practicality of the diamond earrings.

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Review of the Diamond Earrings

Because years ago I used to attend runway shows and photo shoots, I examined the style of the product. I felt that the earrings fit with current jewelry trends. Last year, when I spoke with sales people in top jewelry stores in the Nashville, Tennessee area, I learned that silver was a very current look and yellow gold had gone out of style. I liked that the silver metal would fit with the latest trends. Regarding the product’s style, I also examined the style. In a past article I wrote, I studied how dangly earrings are in fashion. Some of the top runway models and television characters have been spotted wearing dangling chandelier earrings this season.

Even though very long earrings are in style, I’ve never been comfortable wearing super long chandelier earrings. I usually dress with a business casual style, and I like classic accessories that can always be in style. My earrings had a dangly look to fit with current trends, but didn’t hang too low. I felt that the earrings had a classic style and were appropriate for casual get togethers and business events. I was able to wear the earrings for several events over the holidays and wore them to family get togethers. The blue topaz shone beautifully and accented many of my outfits. Diamonds were a nice accent.

As a mom, I always examine how practical items are, and I loved that my 8 month old baby didn’t pull them out of my ears. My diamond earrings did not hang low enough to catch my daughter’s attention. Regarding the practicality of the earrings, I liked that the jewelry was appropriate for everyday use and for work, as the earrings looked business casual. I felt that the earrings were appropriate for my style as a woman in my mid twenties. Because the jewelry was not too dangly or overly trendy, I thought that the earrings had a very cross-generational style that would fit with many women’s styles. Wholeheartedly I enjoyed wearing the earrings and I plan to continue shopping for jewelry at SuperJeweler.

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I received a free pair of earrings to help inform my review.

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