When you think of cleaning your home, springtime might come to mind first, but fall is actually an excellent time to clean up your home. With a new schedule to remember, having your home look clean and organized can help reinforce organization in other areas of your life. Most importantly, your home will look great for the upcoming school year.

Make Fall Cleaning A Breeze

Getting rid of dust and dirt is simple with the right product. If you love the look of a clean house but don’t like the physical strain cleaning can cause, I’ve got the solution for you. First, for an easy cleaning solution, use the SMARTECH™ Cordless Lithium 2-IN-1 Stick Vacuum.

This vacuum is different from so many other models because of how simple it is to use. In the past, I’ve tried out many other types of vacuums, and now I was excited to try this new item out in my home.


Two-In-One To Make Cleaning Simple

One of the most unique parts of this vacuum is that it is two items in one. You get a detachable, handheld vacuum as well as a full-size vacuum. Rather than spending extra money on two products, you get everything you need here. Regardless of how high or low you are trying to reach, you can get every surface clean with this one item. Detaching and reattaching the handheld vacuum is very simple to do!

Smart Technology That’s Easy To Use

Another neat feature is that the item comes with smart technology. You can determine the amount of battery power by looking at the part featured in the below photo. Many cordless vacuums don’t offer this technology. Being able to determine how much battery power is left makes vacuuming much easier. You can plan how much of your house you are going to clean depending on how much battery power you have.

The second part of the smart technology is that the product determines the speed it should use, depending on the type of floor. Since the vacuum can determine how to best clean your floors, there’s less work for you to do.

Lightweight And Easy To Move

Even though you get two items in one, the product is super lightweight! Cleaning the house with such a lightweight item is easy. I was happy to find that I didn’t strain my muscles at all, even though I cleaned the whole house in one afternoon. To demonstrate how lightweight the vacuum is, my six year old daughter is holding it up in this photo. It’s so simple for her!


Reaches The Toughest Of Areas 

Lastly, this item has an excellent ability to get to hard-to-reach areas. Frequently, I use a handheld vacuum to reach under the kitchen table, but leaning down so much can be painful. I love being able to clean everywhere, even below furniture, easily and quickly. When you’re running after kids and on the go all the time, making cleaning simple helps.

Overall, owning this new cleaning product makes fall cleaning so much easier to do. This fall, when I’m busy with a new work schedule and balancing my kids’ school and extracurricular activity classes, worrying less about cleaning will be a huge relief.

Do you have a strategy for fall cleaning? Share in the comments section!


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I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion!

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43 Responses

  1. Carlen

    I absolutely have to get all the cleaning done in one day or it doesn’t get done! Honestly, it’s just too easy to put things off and then it just doesn’t get done in my house, so we take one day and get it done! Thanks for this giveaway! Love your blog and Black & Decker!

  2. cyndi br

    I have a list of projects that I make sure to get cleaned that do not get cleaned all year

  3. circumspect4

    Thanks for the review. I have never seen or heard of this device. This would be very helpful to clean my house between my two kids, my dog and cat.

  4. Julie Wood

    I make sure to get all the blankets out that have been stored and clean them before the cold winter months. And I shampoo the carpet really well before winter comes. I also do a deep vacuuming.

  5. Debbie

    My only strategy for Fall cleaning is to clean. lol I always put it on the back burner in exchange for fun family time, so this year I swear I am going to do more overall cleaning, especially in the playroom.

  6. Maggie Unzueta

    Great giveaway! This fall I need to get my son more involved in cleaning. Together with my husband, we might actually get everything done. Tweeted.

  7. Desteny

    I’ve got my fingers crossed that I win this bad boy! It would be perfect timing, my vacuum is falling apart! Feel free to rig the contest in my favor 😉 It’s definitely hard to believe we are already talking about fall cleaning. This summer is just flying by.

  8. Brittany h

    I make a list of what I would like to get done by the end of the month. The first week I complete the hard tasks and every week I try to complete the rest. I prefer the huge tasks first so I won’t get tired as the weeks go by.

  9. CourtneyLynne

    Oooo this vacuum sounds pretty sweet!!! I need a new one super bad. Might just have to check this one out!

  10. Steve Weber

    I don’t have one yet, but I will probably start from room to room and throw away junk.

  11. sara

    My strategy for fall cleaning is to do as much as possible while the kids are in school! Otherwise they just mess it all up!

  12. Shelley P

    My strategy for fall cleaning is to have a list of things that need to get done and tackle a few a day. I usually do this in the mornings when I have the most energy 🙂

  13. Mimi

    We’ve only been in our house for 9 months so it’ll be our first fall in this house. I’m not sure what all we need to get done. lol I think the yard will be the biggest thing to deal with.

  14. Theresa

    Our strategy is always to manage kid clutter in all seasons. We have to do that before we can vacuum! : )

  15. Keri Justice

    I do not have a strategy! But I think I need one. We went through the the kids clothes this week for back to school shopping this weekend.

  16. Elle

    I don’t really have a strategy but I tend to start with the easier spaces first and move from place to place.

  17. alena svetelska

    my stragedy for my house cleaning is include in cleaning my kids and hubby so it has been clean before u know it;-)

  18. Kathleen Kelly

    No, no strategies, just try to do what I can. I used to when I was younger, wash all the curtains, clean baseboards and pull out all the furniture to clean. I recently had heart surgery so this kind of thing I have to be careful with, though. I would love to win this vacuum. It appears to be much lighter than the one I currently have. Thank you for the chance!!1

  19. Cassandra Eastman

    Not really, I just start with what needs clean and organized the most which is usually the garage and closets! Then I do deep cleaning around the house.

  20. Sheila K.

    I work room by room and do not move on until a room is completely done!

  21. Laurajj

    I try to tackle fall cleaning a little at a time on the cooler days! So much to get ready for winter!

  22. carol clark

    i clean every season so fall cleaning is getting all the summer items away get the clothes ready for fall and the cooler days and still keep some things i clean constantly why every season if you clean you would be amazed at what you collect and i like goin over them for memorys actually and i keep the items i want like memorbilla or drawings and then hang them with the rest each year

  23. Trinh Quinonez

    For Fall cleaning, I sort out the warm blankets and sweaters and put the summer blankets and summer clothes away, preparing for the cold weather.

  24. Melissa Teears

    My only strategy is trying to force the family to itch in with as little complaining as possible

  25. Michelle Ward

    My strategy isn’t really a strategy, but I have a plan… sort of.. I’m going to, on a day in the near future, hit the dust and clutter hard until it’s sparkling and smells lemony fresh. I will have to break for cramps and water since I’m out of shape. It’s a big job since I have 3 kids 2 dogs and a man that only takes out garbage.

  26. Betsy Barnes

    My strategy for fall cleaning, I start by organizing summer clothes for packing away or donating. This makes room for fall/winter things. 🙂

  27. James Robert

    I do not but may need one. The kids and I do work at different times on different sections of the house and clean everything thoroughly.

  28. Birdiebee

    FYI – I’ve tried subscribing twice with my newsletter email account and I have never received a confirmation.

  29. Heather Hayes Panjon

    Yes I Have A Strategy For Fall Cleaning. I Clean Walls, Base Boards, Curtains, Blinds. It Freshens Things Up Going Into The Holidays And Makes It Much Easier For Spring Cleaning.

  30. Candace

    I just have to do a little extra every day. With 2 little boys and one on the way I find myself cleaning the same things over and over again.


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