Whether you’re shopping for someone who’s been a Harry Potter fan since the late 1990’s or a new fan, a complete adoration for all things magical brings these fans together. If you don’t quite get why Harry Potter is such a big deal, a few gift ideas will help you pick out the perfect item for the fan in your life.

Gifts That Harry Potter Fans Will Love

When you are gift shopping, buy items that truly fit the personality of the person you’re shopping to pick out a gift that is anything but lame. You can amaze the ultimate fan with these fun gifts.


Photo credit: Dave Catchpole

Photo credit: Dave Catchpole

Although many Harry Potter fans have collected every book in the series, if you know a fan that doesn’t own the seven books, this is a must have. Books can get lost over decades, but true book lovers enjoy owning a hard copy of books they have read.

Recently, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was released, which also makes a good gift. This two-part play is set much later when Harry Potter is 37 years old and has kids of his own attending Hogwarts.

For anyone who enjoys studying foreign languages, buy a translation of a book. Harry Potter has been translated into about 68 different languages. Studying a book with a familiar series of events can help in learning a new language.

You can also buy delightful Harry Potter coloring books that adults as well as children would enjoy.


Gifts That Harry Potter Fans Will Love - Found on www.theresasreviews.com - Photo credit: iKobe!

Photo credit: iKobe!

In late 2001 when the first Harry Potter movie was released, Blu-ray movies weren’t yet available. Since technology has changed, some fans have not yet purchased the movies on Blu Ray. Buy the complete 8-film collection, or purchase the DVD/Blu Ray combo pack.

Releasing on November 18, 2016, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a spinoff and prequel to the Harry Potter series. With scriptwriting by J.K. Rowling, the movie also boasts excellent talent, including Zoë Kravitz, Eddie Redmayne, and Colin Farrell. Buy tickets to see the movie, or buy the screenplay.


Experiences can help bring the book series to life. Since Harry Potter is such an imaginative book series, pretending to be a part of wizarding world is very exciting.

Gifts That Harry Potter Fans Will Love - Found on www.theresasreviews.com - Photo credit: Lauren Manning

Photo credit: Lauren Manning

Buy tickets to London, England where you see Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station. This is the station where Harry Potter and his friends board the Hogwarts Express, and to any fan, visiting here will be a magical experience. You can take photos of yourself pushing the cart as though you’re heading to the wizarding world!

Gifts That Harry Potter Fans Will Love - Found on www.theresasreviews.com - Photo credit: Sam Howzit

Photo credit: Sam Howzit

To get the experience of joining Harry’s world without leaving the USA, head to Universal Orlando. Here, visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. You can stop by Diagon Alley where the wizards shop, and go to the village of Hogsmeade. Board the Hogsmeade Express to get to the two areas of the park.

While the rides will be one exciting part of visiting, shopping is another fun benefit of your experience. You can taste the non-alcoholic, sweet drink Butterbeer, shop for wands, and buy delicious chocolate frogs.

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Gifts That Harry Potter Fans Will Love - Found on www.theresasreviews.com

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24 Responses

  1. Jolina

    These are all the things I will be buying for myself haha 🙂 Going to Platform 9 3/4 might be a little difficult but it will happen! (Magic)

  2. Rachel Kaly

    Good ideas! That platform is so fun! I didn’t know they actually had that in real life somewhere! Haha…I went to Universal last year (before I ever saw the Harry Potter movies, and I had never read the books either) but I still thought it was super awesome!! Now that I’ve seen all the movies I really want to go back because it would just be THAT much cooler! That was actually the funnest ride in the park! I wanna go there now!

  3. Shann

    Great gift ideas! I honestly haven’t read or seen any Harry Potter, but I know a lot of fans, so this is really helpful.

  4. CourtneyLynne

    What a great list!!! I have a few besties that are Harry Potter obsessed! These gifts would be perfect for them

  5. Cassie Lopez

    I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, and I would definitely love all of these gifts! I actually have the first book in French in my Amazon shopping cart.

  6. Alix Maza

    Ahhh! I went to the WWoHP at Universal in L.A., but London is next on my bucket list! Someone gave me a HP coloring book for X-mass and I Love it!

  7. Dana

    Great gift ideas! I have some younger cousins who are just now starting to get into Harry Potter and these will be perfect.

  8. Marie

    Omgosh, how much fun would it be to visit Platform 9 3/4 in London?! I know that they have one in Disney but something about visiting the “real” one is just too cool. I also love the idea of getting translations of the books. I’ve never thought of using that to encourage foreign language comprehension.

  9. Alisha

    I love this! My mother-in-law is a huge Harry Potter fan and has converted my little one as well. 🙂 These are some great ideas, especially with Christmas ‘just around the corner.’ I’m thinking some of those coloring books will be the perfect gift.


  10. Raelene

    Lots of great ideas.
    For my eldest’s 21st I sought out earlier prints of the entire series from op-shops and secondhand book stores. As a family we just had one set of the books we all read and she had to move 3.5hrs away 18months before her 21st and was missing having the books, so it took me nearly a year to find all 7, some are a little damaged but she loved having early prints rather than new.
    I also found a replica time turner I am going to get each of my children.
    I found a little statue of a white owl years ago that my children loved having in their room.

  11. Jennifer Corter

    Oh, gifting an experience is such a wonderful gift! It’s not Harry Potter, but this year, instead of toys, we’re going to take our son to an indoor play-place since he is going to be six.


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