When you’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World, deciding how you will get there is a big priority. Whether you live near or far, driving can be the simplest form of transportation. Although driving offers the advantage of being able to spend some extra time enjoying Florida (see my article series about staying in St. Augustine), traveling with small children can be challenging.

3 Must-Haves For Surviving A Road Trip To Walt Disney World

During my travels, I was documenting my experiences on my Instagram page when I received a question from a follower who lives as far as I do (or further) from Walt Disney World – how on earth was I surviving a 15 hour road trip with two kids under age seven?

Surviving A Road Trip To Walt Disney World - Found on www.theresasreviews.com

Driving during the time of year when I went was certainly not an easy task! We got caught in terrible traffic around northern Virginia on the way down to Florida. On the way back, Georgiana got sick, so that made the traffic congestion an even worse experience. As we traveled, a few things helped make the journey easier.

Comfortable Car Seats

One of the most helpful items was a new, comfortable car seat. With delightful padding and an easily adjustable head rest, the Boulevard ClickTight car seat was ultra luxurious. I loved the bright, fun Kaleidoscope pattern, which was a lovely change from the old, gray car seat that we replaced.

Surviving A Road Trip To Walt Disney World - Found on www.theresasreviews.com

Getting a new car seat helped Georgiana become very enthusiastic about the drive. She loved getting to check out all the new features. We loved how soft the padding was. One feature that made the car seat comfortable was that you can adjust the reclining position of the car seat to help give your child the best experience during a long drive.

Surviving A Road Trip To Walt Disney World - Found on www.theresasreviews.com

Installing the car seat was simple. I liked that I could easily fit the car seat in my car. In front of the car seat of the driver’s seat and passenger’s seat, there was plenty of legroom. Even though the car seat was positioned in the middle of the back seat, the driver’s seat and passenger’s seat could recline without a problem.

Surviving A Road Trip To Walt Disney World - Found on www.theresasreviews.com

In order to install the car seat, you push the Click Tight button and turn it. Then, you open the front of the car seat, buckle the seat belt, and click the seat shut. This process seemed very secure and safe. Surviving A Road Trip To Walt Disney World - Found on www.theresasreviews.com

I liked that using a new car seat with the latest technology not only helped me feel that my child was safe, but also made the trip more comfortable for her.

Refreshments (And Wipes!)

Double check that you have plenty of refreshments in the car. Having easy access to food and water can help you make less stops. If your kids snack as often as they want, you can drive for long stretches of time, especially if the kids fall asleep after eating. As a side note, remember to bring wipes and paper towels to help clean messy hands and just in case anything spills.  


Bring music that your kids love. We packed two of Samantha’s favorite CD’s – a Kidz Bop and a kids’ folk song CD – to help her stay entertained. She and Georgiana sang when they were bored, instead of arguing. By the end of the trip, they had new songs memorized. Another thing that entertained them was to have the person in the passenger’s seat video them singing and then replay the video so they could watch themselves.

If you’re considering a long road trip to Walt Disney World, you can really make your travels so easy with a few simple tips! Driving to Walt Disney World offers the amazing opportunity of exploring the surrounding areas outside of Orlando, and you can be more flexible in your travel arrangements if you have your car with you.

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