Recently, I came across a brand of children’s clothes, Planet Buddeez. Each item has an earth-friendly message to promote environmental awareness. I was happy to give a children’s clothes review of an item that promotes a positive cause. Clothing comes with a stuffed animal in a pocket – a buddy – for kids to play with and hold. The clothes I received were different from the clothes I usually test because the product was a mix of a kids’ toy and kids’ clothes. I wrote the following review of the pink Diggity Earth/ Dog combo set, which went through the ultimate test for comfort, outdoor play.

Children’ Clothes Review

As I’m a fashion-savvy mom, I sometimes wonder if I bore my daughter with the stylish clothes that I buy her. My background of volunteering in the fashion industry and interning for photographers always leads me to choose fashion over practicality. Sometimes items that look nice to me have stiff denim, frills, or non-stretchy fabric. Even though I usually evaluate kids’ clothing based on style as well as practicality, my review process went more into how fun and educational the clothing was because the item was a toy as well as clothing.

I received a matching set of a hoodie and a T-shirt. Both items had the same message, Diggin’ Earth, with the same animal, Diggy the Dog. Puppets came attached to the pocket with a thin piece of removable plastic. When I detached the puppet, my child could hold and play with the puppet. Personally, I had to teach my daughter to put the puppet in a special place to make sure the item doesn’t get lost.

Having a toy close by all the time was helpful on long car trips as well as when I took my daughter with me to run errands. Diggy the Dog was a finger puppet, which encouraged make believe, and helped entertain the siblings in the car. After a couple weeks of wearing the product, my daughter shared the toys continuously with her younger sister. Whenever the baby would cry, my older daughter would bring one of the dog puppets.

Another feature of the product is that each item comes with a little book. As I have a graduate degree in education from the rigorous and highly ranked program at Vanderbilt University Peabody College of Education, I love when toys have an educational purpose. My daughter’s shirt and hoodie each came with a book called Diggy the Dog, which explains why Diggy lives an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Because I have taken a children’s literature course in graduate school at Vanderbilt, I would say that the book did a good job of fitting the text with the illustrations. Having a prop to hold during a read aloud helped keep my daughter’s attention. The book fits well in the pocket and helped make the clothing a great product for entertaining my children on the go.

As a mom, I always consider the fit when examining the quality of children’s clothes. I ordered a size 4T, and I could see that the clothes fit true to size on my tall, lean 3 1/2 year old daughter. Comfort is another key factor when I evaluate the practicality of clothes. Both items had soft material. The hoodie had a thickness that is appropriate for the current weather in my area of the country. Do not tumble dry, unless you’re okay with some shrinkage, and remove the toy before washing. Make sure that you read the tag thoroughly before washing the items.

Children's clothes photo

I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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