Receiving my Zubels eco-friendly baby toys and a knit hat helped brighten my spirit the day before my birthday. Seeing my children’s faces light up helped bring me into a very positive and enthusiastic state of mind. When I awoke on my birthday, I learned that my grandmother, journalist and co-author of Country Sunshine: The Dottie West StoryFrances Meeker, passed away that morning. My weekend involved a three day funeral and required traveling to four counties in total. Even though I knew taking my children would be a big responsibility during a time of mourning, I brought my children to the funerals because I wanted them to feel closure later in life, and I brought the baby toys to help make my weekend easier.

Review of the Baby Toys and Hat

My youngest daughter Georgiana wore the knit cat hat all weekend. Before receiving the hat, Georgiana usually refused to wear hats. I’ll always remember a critical moment in the middle of the funeral service. The funeral director was speaking about my grandmother’s impressive life, which involved the highlights in grandma Frances’ extensive journalism career, such as interviews with Johnny Cash and Ted Kennedy. During a significant moment of the eulogy, Georgiana spun around with a mischievous look, plucked the knit hat off the seat, and placed the hat onto her head with a huge grin and a boisterous squeal.


As I patiently tried to hush my daughter, I took out the turtle, which had a small bell in it that made a faint noise. I was relieved that the product was quiet enough not to interrupt the service, and I loved that the product gave a sense of comfort to my daughter. My older daughter Samantha loudly reached for the guitar rattle to help pacify Georgiana as well as the cat to hold for comfort. While all of the commotion of trying to quiet two children during a funeral service unnerved me, I was happy that the products did help create some order when I felt that chaos was about to ensue.


During the burial, the weather was piercing and wintry. Sitting outside as the casket was covered in dirt, I was again so grateful for the knit hat. I could tell that my daughter felt much better wearing a hat to keep her ears toasty. Because the product matched the toy cat, I gave the hat to my younger daughter and the toy cat to my older daughter. Each girl received a matching cat product to help emphasize the bond the girls already had.


All of the baby toys withstood a hand washing very well. After the toys had fallen all over the funeral home’s floor, I hand washed them with some laundry soap. I loved the comfort that the baby toys brought to a mournful weekend. Wholeheartedly I would recommend the baby toys. I will look forward to using the products during some playful, happy moments in the future.


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Here’s some photos in memory of my grandmother, with her interviewing Ted Kennedy and Johnny Cash.

IMG_8615 IMG_6399


I received free products to help inform my writing.

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  1. Lisa

    Oh honey that sounds like a challenge – to keep up the review while going through that emotional period in your life. The photos are lovely.

  2. Tessa Lynn Shull

    I truly enjoy the outlook you give of, “I brought my children to the funerals because I wanted them to feel closure later in life…”. I also enjoyed the review. Touching review post.

  3. Raman

    Sorry to hear about the tough time in your life! The hat and toys look adorable, as does your daughter!

  4. Jenny

    What an amazing grandmother to have! I would have loved to hear her stories from her life. I am sorry for your loss. :(
    On another note, the toys and hats are so cute! Thanks for reviewing them despite the hard times your were going through.

  5. Jhanis

    So sorry to hear about your grandma, sounds like she was a wonderful woman.
    I too make sure to bring toys that brings comfort to my kids. My daughter has a favorite teddy that she refuses to sleep without and my son likes to bring a few books. Helps them feel at ease in new places.


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