As the weather cools off, I’m excited that I found a line of baby clothes with coats that are warm without being too puffy. Kids’ clothes need to fit safely under car seat straps. In the past, I received a lot of puffy coats when my older daughter was a year old. Now, my younger daughter needs some winter clothes that will be safe in the car seat. My background as a mom was important to my analysis of the safety and durability of the product. Before I became a mom, I worked in the entertainment industry, interned for photographers, and volunteered in the fashion industry, which is why I also evaluated the style and fashionability of the clothing. I sampled the 2 Layer Jacket Deer, which retails for $42, and the Yoga Pant Purple Stripe that retail for $24. Because my baby is 8 months old, I asked for a 12-18 month sample to give some room for growth.

Review of the Kids’ Clothing

After using the jacket for a couple weeks, I learned that the material had a nice thickness to keep my baby warm as the weather turned cold. When I let my daughter sit outside wearing the jacket, she looked very comfortable. The jacket was thin enough to layer under a second jacket on very cold days and for long walks at the park. Material was soft and durable and had some stretch. I found that the material had the right amount of thickness for winter and could be used in fall and spring. Buttoned up, the jacket fit comfortably and left my daughter plenty of room to move. I liked that the jacket had a v-neck to give my daughter some space around the neck. Wearing the jacket, my daughter could move with ease. When my daughter crawled, the material protected her elbows.

kids' clothing

Regarding the fit of the items, the clothes fit true to size. The jacket was a little bit big big, which left space for a t-shirt or sweater under the item. Obviously a 12-18 month outfit was a little big for my 8 month old. If you have a baby under a year old, I’d recommend trying the 6-12 month size. Buying big leaves some room for growth. I felt that the jacket fit my daughter well with some extra room, and I noticed that the pants were much too big. I didn’t notice any shrinkage when the items went through the washing machine.

Clothes from the company had a good fit, comfortable fabric, and an adorable style. My daughter looked like a baby – very age appropriate and cute! Regarding the style of the clothes, the items are fashionable. I wanted to try the line of clothes because I thought the deer pattern was appealingly age appropriate. As a mom, I was happy my baby looked like a baby, and as a fashionista, I loved the design. I was happy to have a jacket that will look nice for holiday photos. The coloring was appealing and looked classy without being over the top or fussy.

For more information, visit the company’s website and the company’s Facebook page.

I received two free items from the company to help inform my writing.

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