Enlivening your child’s imagination can be simple to do with the right toy. With Aurora World products, you can find a wide variety of toys that appeal to kids, including My Little Pony stuffed toys. Since my daughters enjoy items that have a magical theme, My Little Pony toys helped make their Easter basket special for them. I received the Pinkie Pie Cutie Mark pony for my younger daughter and the 13″ Twilight Sparkle pony for my older daughter. Both items brought joy to my children.

My Little Pony Review

To my younger daughter Georgiana, the Pinkie Pie Cutie Mark pony was incredibly delightful. She was so surprised to get it on Easter morning when she found it tucked nicely in her Easter basket. The pony came in a little purse so she could carry it around the house or on the go. Made with quality, the toy had a durability that has made it continue to look nice, even when Georgiana played roughly with it. Some of the other stuffed toys I bought for Easter have already fallen apart, but the pony is still holding up very well.

My Little Pony Review

Another quality item we received was the Twilight Sparkle pony. At 13″, it had a neat, jumbo look to it that was appealing to my older daughter, Samantha. She already had a small, pink pony that she received last year, so getting a very different looking toy from the same company was fun for her. Waking up on Easter morning to see the large stuffed toy propped up behind her basket was a special treat. Because the pony was so large and had such good coloring, it was the major surprise on Easter morning. The pony came in her favorite color and it was big enough for her to lay her head on to cuddle with the toy or to rest.

My Little Pony Review

I liked that the company has such variety with their new line of ponies. Being able to buy a variety of sizes and colors is the key to having the product appeal to many different girls. Both of the toys had an incredibly nice mane. On the smaller pony, the mane was nice and fluffy, which gave the toy some character. The larger pony’s mane looked like real pony hair, except for its vibrant coloring.

My Little Pony products are classic. The line of toy ponies has been around for decades. I love getting to share the toy line that I loved as a kid with my own children. With the new My Little Pony products, my children are using high quality, beautiful toys. Both of my children have loved playing with the toys and they will continue to enjoy cuddling their favorite ponies at night.

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I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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