Recently I explained why Ravens gear makes a good Christmas gift this year. Now I discovered a line of women’s sports fan wear, Meesh and Mia, that carries Ravens gear as well as many other sports teams. Because I like to dress pretty girly, I was excited to stumble upon a feminine line of fan wear. Most fan wear in my closet consists of baggy T-shirts and big hoodies, which look too undergrad for me. Now that I’m a working adult with a graduate degree, I like to look more together when I’m rooting for my favorite team, and I can with the item I received.

sports fanwear

Sports Fanwear by Meesh and Mia

Review of the Sports Fanwear

Because purple sparkles glittering on the logo attracted my attention, I chose the Baltimore Ravens Circular Cardigan in Winter White that retails for $95. When the cardigan arrived, the most noticeable characteristic was the softness of the material. As the item felt very high quality, it was comfortable to wear regularly. I wore the cardigan to lounge around the house, which was very relaxing. I liked the versatility of the item. Quality material and a pretty logo made the item look nice and trendy, instead of overly athletic. When I wore the item, I immediately fell in love with its softness and the style. Winter white was very fashionable. The white cardigan went well with my colorful scarves.

I wore the cardigan over a light colored shirt with slacks and boots to a football party. Because I like to dress girly when I’m with friends and extended family, I usually don’t wear fan wear to football parties. When I wore the cardigan, I felt classy and supportive of my favorite team. I received several compliments, and I had friends asking where I got the item. My husband said the cardigan looked really nice. As a mom with a background of volunteering in the fashion industry, I enjoy feeling comfortable and stylish. When I wore the cardigan, I appreciated that I didn’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. The item was a great mix of style and practicality.

When I wore the cardigan later in the week, it looked nice paired with jewelry for dinner at a restaurant with my husband and parents. I wore it with my black hiking pants and closed toe black shoes as well as a purple scarf. As my style is usually upscale casual, the item fit great with my wardrobe. When the weather was really cold, I paired the cardigan with a coat to stay warm, and I liked having the winter white peek out to give my outfit brightness. The cardigan went with a lot of winter apparel in my wardrobe and looked appropriate for many occasions.

I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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