If you spend Sundays watching football as a family, you need activities to keep the kids entertained. Instead of putting your kids in front of a second television, try out some of these football-inspired activities.

Football-Inspired Crafts And Activities Roundup

Your kids can have fun, stay entertained, eat fun treats, and even learn during the football game with these eight awesome activities.

1.) Football Themed Snacks

Trophy Wifestyle shares a simple, neat idea on how to turn regular ice cream sandwiches into a festive football-themed snack. This is a great way to pull kids into the festivities. Your kids can easily draw the lines and lay the ice cream sandwiches out on a plate. With minimal steps, this DIY idea won’t distract from the game, and it will keep the kids engaged. Check out the instructions here.

2.) Football Bingo

With a printable created by Twitchetts, you can teach your kids football terminology with a fun game of Football Bingo. Each time something happens that’s on your card (Interception, Fumble, and the Halftime Show are examples), you can cross it off the Bingo card. This game will prevent boredom and give the whole family something to do. You can get the free printable here so you can do this game at home!

3.) Miniature Goal Posts And Paper Football Craft

For a fun addition to the family craft table during the game, set up a station to make miniature goal posts and paper footballs. Kids can play a football game with their creation during commercial breaks. You can make the goal posts and paper footballs with simple craft supplies, but check out the full article by Twitchetts here for the printable pack that will help bring this idea to life.

4.) Football Turkey

Having a craft table where the kids can play is a good idea, especially since football games can take up much of your Sunday afternoon. When Thanksgiving is near, you can make a football-themed turkey craft with the kids. Trophy Wifestyle shares an excellent step-by-step article showing how to pull off a nice looking craft that you can display for the Thanksgiving season. You can visit the article here to see how she does it!

5.) Fruitball Players

Although football is typically a reason for families to gather and chow down on some unhealthy treats together, you can instill healthy eating habits with a fun DIY fruit idea. Joyful Family Life shows how she took kid-friendly fruit (grapes, bananas, and strawberries), and turned it into adorable football players. Check out the full post here for inspiration.

6.) Game Day Busy Bag

With a free printable download made by Views From A Stepstool (that you can check out here) and some popsicle sticks, you can make a busy bag that helps entertain your kids during the game. After kids help assemble the craft, they can use it as a puzzle. The colorful completed puzzle could then be a place for toys to play, or however your kids use their imagination with it!

7.) Football Painting

If you have the time for a messier kid craft, do football painting. This idea works for toddlers as well as early elementary age kids. As Mommy In Sports explains in her article here, painting a football field is a more involved craft that involves some extra supplies, but it’s super fun for kids!

8.) Football-Inspired Learning Activities

Get your kids to learn without whining about not wanting to do homework during the game. To choose good extension activities that support what your kids are learning in school, you can find football learning activities appropriate for any age on Teachers Pay Teachers. From latitude and longitude to fractions, you can discover activities that fit with the football theme.

For a fun literacy football printable, check out the Football English Pack here by Gym Craft Laundry. This is a great way to teach kids the difference between nouns and verbs with football-themed words, while there’s also a writing activity kids can do about the big game.

Have you come up with a creative way to pull the kids into the big football game? Share in the comments!

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