If you’re visiting Walt Disney World, spotting your favorite princesses is one of the best parts. From Ariel to Cinderella, you can find princesses all over the park. When you’re planning to see Belle from Beauty and the Beast, you have a few options.

3 Places You Can See Belle At Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Who was your favorite princess when you were a child? With her long brown hair and brown eyes, Belle was the main princess I admired. As luck would have it, one of the most highly anticipated movies this year is the live action Beauty and the Beast movie, set to release on March 17, 2017. Watch the teaser trailer to get a glimpse into how beautiful the movie will be.

For Disney park fans, the new movie gives you one more reason to seek out Belle at Walt Disney World. If you’re wondering where the best place is to find her, you have three main options.

The Festival of Fantasy Parade

First, you can spot Belle dancing with the Beast at the Festival of Fantasy Parade. This 12 minute parade usually happens daily at 3:00. When I went, Belle was front and center.

3 Places To See Belle At Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom - Theresa's Reviews

Seeing Belle was one of the best parts of the Festival of Fantasy Parade. Even though this parade doesn’t offer you the chance to meet Belle, you get an excellent view of her. She is very friendly and waves a lot to the crowd. We got lots of photos of her and the Beast. For more tips on how to enjoy a Walt Disney World parade, check out my recent article that explains how to find a good spot to watch from and more.

In The Decor At Be Our Guest Restaurant

Lucky you, you got reservations to the highly regarded Be Our Guest restaurant in Belle’s castle! Now, will you get to meet Belle?

This past summer, after I confirmed my reservation at Be Our Guest thinking my family would meet Belle, I noticed some small print on the confirmation stating that you may or may not meet characters during your dining experience.

Be Our Guest is not a character dining experience because characters do not visit your table. Unfortunately, the closest we came to seeing Belle was in the wall decor.

3 Places To See Belle At Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Although you don’t get to meet Belle at Be Our Guest, you do get a special encounter with the Beast, who gave my daughters an impromptu dance. With incredible food and a delightful atmosphere, the restaurant is well worth visiting. Learn more in my article 3 Character Dining Experiences You Can’t Miss At Walt Disney World.

Enchanted Tales With Belle

For an interactive experience, you should visit Enchanted Tales with Belle. Children get the opportunity to participate in a short play with Belle. Each child is assigned a role, and if you’re lucky, you get a big role! Even in the smaller roles, children interact with her and pose for a picture with her.

As I explained in 5 Tips To Make The Most Of The Magic Kingdom, visiting here was one of the most magical experiences of our trip. Not only was Samantha chosen for the lead role (the Beast), but her sister was a teacup, and her dad was a knight in shining armour!

When you visit, if you go early enough there is not much of a line. We used a FastPass+, but it was not needed. There was a short line of people waiting for the previous group to finish. When the last group finished, we all fit in the room and no one was left waiting.

3 Places To See Belle At Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Out of all three experiences, Enchanted Tales with Belle was my favorite way to see her at Walt Disney World. This was the most interactive experience. I liked the experience more than the other princess meet and greets because children got to reenact parts of their favorite Disney movie.

If you’ve been to Magic Kingdom recently, did you spot Belle somewhere else? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Jena Proctor

    Belle is one of my daughter’s top 3 princesses, so we were thankful to make it in Belle’s enchanted tales without much of a wait on our trip. We missed the parade and will have to catch it next time, thanks for the tips!

  2. Terri Steffes

    Those princesses at Disney World are so gorgeous. I hear they have to pass all kinds of tests to get those parts. I am glad that you got to see her at last!

  3. Reesa Lewandowski

    Belle is one of my favorite princesses! I will have to remember this when we go!


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