For remembering your family’s special vacation memories, you can make gorgeous glass Fracture photo prints. These prints not only look incredible, but they also help you remember those wonderful moments together. When I recently redid my daughter’s bedroom, I ordered several Fracture photo prints for the walls, and thanks to everyone following me on Facebook, I decided on just the right photos to print.

Remembering Walt Disney World With Fracture Photo Prints

Since the kids room is an area that should evoke a sense of happiness, joy, and excitement, ordering three prints of our recent trip to Walt Disney World was the perfect way to bring a liveliness to the room. 

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Samantha loves her new bedroom. With a new bed, an upgraded mattress, and rearranged furniture, she finally feels like a big girl. The only thing left to do was to create a fun atmosphere with nice wall hangings.

Where we used to have movie posters from our family movie nights, we placed three, beautiful, large glass photo prints from Fracture.

Check out Samantha’s video to find out what she loves most about her new wall hangings.

Not only did the glass photo prints turn out nicely, but they also inspire Samantha every morning when she wakes up and she remembers her best family vacation.

Room Decor That Provides Lasting Memories

With the large prints, you have a stunning display of your photos. The size makes the pictures very visible from a distance, so you can see the details fro across the room.

I ordered a glass Fracture photo print for each of the Walt Disney World parks that we visited this summer. On the left, you can see the photo from the Magic Kingdom after the girls visited the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. 

Remembering Walt Disney World With Fracture Photo Prints - Found on

This quintessential princess photo helps create the ideal memory of our vacation (although you can check out the less ideal vacation moments in my Huffington Post article).

On the other two prints, I have a photo of Mickey Mouse at Animal Kingdom and a photo at Epcot. Since we aren’t visiting Walt Disney World again soon, this is a great way to remember such a special summer vacation.

Glass Prints That Offer A Streamlined Look

Kids rooms can get such a messy look. After taking down the printed movie posters from our family movie nights, I was very impressed with how beautiful the room looked with the new glass photo prints. Made from a high quality glass, the photos have a streamlined look. I loved that the photo prints don’t have frames.

Remembering Walt Disney World With Fracture Photo Prints - Found on

For a simple, classic, and beautiful room design, a trio of the large photo prints creates a lovely look. You can go with one theme for all three photos, and find inspiration in the rest of the room to help the room feel cohesive.

Wide Range Of Sizes

To get a good idea of what the smaller prints look like, I ordered a medium Fracture photo print. This was a nice accent piece for the kids playroom, which had bare walls. With a wide range of sizes, you can find a print that works in any space.

Remembering Walt Disney World With Fracture Photo Prints - Found on

While the medium was a lot smaller than the other prints, it still had the same classic, beautiful look that the large prints had. Whenever I make more photo prints for display in the home, Fracture has just the style and quality for me.

Whether you’re decorating your kids room or another living space, large glass photo prints have an impressive look. You can use the prints to remember special events and share those moments with anyone who comes into your home. All in all, these prints were the perfect way to remember Walt Disney World and to create a Disney/princess/pink themed kids room.

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I received several free Fracture photo prints, but that in no way changed my opinion!

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  1. Megan mccoig

    These are lovely ideas for presents, especially with the people you’ve been away with. I love that you can get them in all different sizes.

  2. Lisa

    I love this idea!! I still need to take my little girl to Disney and having the memories displayed for her is a wonderful idea!!

  3. Sarah

    Oh I love this idea! ( and family vacations to Disney World) 🙂 My husband and I are trying to go back.

  4. Debra

    How fun to keep the memories alive – It’s costs so much to go you want to make sure they always remember!

  5. Heather

    I love this idea! We have a lot of blank walls in our home, that are very large, and I have been having trouble figure out what to put on them – this might do the trick!

  6. Kimberly

    I love this idea for the upcoming holidays. It would make such an awesome gift idea! I need more to hang in my home with baby #2 coming.

  7. Tahnee

    This is too cute! I want to make it that way with all the kids someday soon! It is sad we are actually really close to Disney but need to save to get there!

  8. Amanda Love

    Those photos are adorable and it’s something that will remind the kids of their awesome childhood once they’ve grown up! I really like the style too, perfect for putting together in the family room!

  9. Di Hickman

    Love these prints! Like you I’m a fan of frameless prints, so these are right up my street! I’ll definitely check these out!

  10. Dana Vento

    Wow, love those prints. Absolutely for keeps, the kids are so adorable!

  11. Brittany

    I love the large prints! We have a big wall in our house and I would love to put a ton of cute family photos like these up there!

  12. Jessica

    Those girls are so adorable! We just redid my daughter’s room, but I’ll have to remember this for next time! She definitely feels like a big girl now ☺️

  13. Whitney S

    I love decorating my house with pictures like this. I have several large canvases throughout our house on the wall, and I just love the look of it.

  14. Christina Aliperti

    I love this! What a wonderful way to not only capture memories but also to share them with everyone.


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