Peppercorn Kids Accessories Review

Heading into the new school year, I’ve taken the time to research some cool trends for kids accessories. Last month, I offered a review of Peppercorn Kids accessories. Because I liked the items so much, I included one of the company’s pink sparkly headbands in a pictorial with an article that I co-wrote with Ryan in Student Filmmakers Magazine (see the magazine article here). The article was about how to direct child actors, so I decided that adding a girly touch with an adorable pink headband would work well for the article. Student Filmmakers Magazine

(Click the picture above to see it bigger, or read the full article in StudentFilmmakers Magazine Vol. 9 No. 3)

Now, my older daughter is heading into a new school year at a school where her teachers have asked her to bring mittens to school in the upcoming months. To prepare for the chilly winter and the late fall months, I received mittens and crown hats from the company for both of my girls to try. The matching accessories were adorable and practical. As I wrote my kids accessories review, I relied mainly on my older daughter’s verbal feedback as well as both of my girls’ excitement about wearing the products.

Peppercorn Kids Accessories Review

My girls each received a matching pair of brownish beige mittens in different sizes. Samantha, my oldest daughter, had received advice from her new teachers to bring mittens instead of gloves to her new school in winter. I was appreciative that the item would work so well for Samantha’s new endeavors. I figured that the teachers had previously noticed preschool students being confused about how to get each finger into a pair of gloves. The mittens were easy for kids to put on independently.

Both pairs of mittens fit my girls wonderfully. My younger daughter Georgiana is very feisty, and she took the mittens off every time I got them on her. I’m sure that as the weather gets colder, Georgiana will be happy to wear her mittens as we go on walks outside. Even though I couldn’t get a picture, the mittens fit Georgiana well. Samantha chose the crown hats to review because she was so impressed with the style as well as the coloring. The pink crown hat fit the style of Samantha very well, who also selected the beautiful purple for Georgiana to wear.

As the hats were one size fits all, I noticed that the sizing fit better for my older daughter, who was 4 years old. While the sizing of the crown hat was a little large for Georgiana, I was glad that she could grow into the item. I would rather a hat be too big than too small, so I felt that the item was very practical. When I looked back at photos of the hat on Georgiana, it was totally adorable and it stayed on her head pretty well, so I would recommend it for younger kids as well as older kids.

My daughters were so excited about their girly, fun crown hats. Incorporating an element of dressing up and playing pretend was a cool idea that the company developed. Another thing that was exciting to my daughters was that when they put the mittens on and put their hands together, the hands of the gloves created a heart. The design was really fun for little girls. I could tell that my girls will be excited to continue wearing their fall/winter accessories through the next season.

To learn more, visit Peppercorn kids as well as the company’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google +.
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