During the last couple weeks of summer, one of my favorite activities with my family is to go outside and enjoy the sun. Weeks ago, I remember laying homemade quilts on the grass for my family to recline on when I realized what a shame it was to risk getting the quilts dirty. When I received an outdoor mat called the LaunchPad from outdoor company Eagle’s Nest Outfitters, I was happy to improve my family’s outdoor experience. I was able to try the product out during the sunny summer months, which was one of the most ideal times to use it. While writing the outdoor mat review, I had a great experience with the product.


Outdoor Mat Review: The LaunchPad Double

One of the neatest things about the mat was the way it folds out with a zipper. Unzipping the mat and unfolding it to lay it out was no problem. I knew that zipping the mat back up would be the real test of how simple the item was to use. Zipping the mat back up was not a hassle at all. The item zipped back up easily and it didn’t frustrate me at all. Even though I had been nervous that I wouldn’t remember how to fold the item up to zip it up right, the item was simple to make compact again.

When I folded the mat and zipped it up, it was easy to take on the go. The company’s idea of making an outdoor mat that folds up with a carrying shoulder strap is incredibly practical. As I took the item on a hike nearby my home, it was light to carry. Carrying the mat on a couple mile hike was no problem. I was appreciative that the mat was self-contained so I didn’t need to bring an extra bag to carry the mat in as I would have needed to in the past with the old quilt I used to sit on outdoors.

Sitting on the mat, my family and I were very comfortable. The fabric felt nice. Luckily, the mat had plenty of room so my husband and daughters could sit on the mat with me. For hours, my family and I relaxed, got plenty of sun, and had an amazing experience.

Some of the best features of the mat would be that it was simple to zip up as well as to unfold. I liked that the mat was easy to take on the go. Because the outdoor mat was lightweight, it was great to bring on hikes. The mat was comfortable and spacious enough for a family to use. In the future, I’m excited to continue going on fun outdoor adventures when I can bring the mat with me.

To learn more, visit the website for Eagle’s Nest Outfitters, a company based in Asheville, North Carolina. Contact the company on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google +.

Outdoor Mat Review


I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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  1. Ashley

    This seems like an incredibly handy project. I always have an old quilt, just folded up in the back of my van. But it’s not like that is going to be something that is compact and easy to grab. Even though it’s lightweight, I still need to manage to keep it folded and either fit it into something else to carry it, or lug it around by itself.

    Thanks for sharing!


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