Easter is one of the most special times. For families who celebrate this as a religious holiday, it’s one of the most important times in the Church. This is also a wonderful time to get together with relatives, while eating delicious food. From macarons to spiced bacon, your menu can have elegance as well as a wide range of offerings. Check out some ideas for the most delicious Easter treats.

7 Ideas for Delicious Easter Treats

  1. Le Macaron French Pastries are some of the most scrumptious, beautiful pastries I’ve ever seen. I was blown away by the wide range of flavors, the soft interior and crisp exterior, and the lovely presentation. Even though I received these as a shipment, the items retained their shape perfectly. These pastries would be an amazing gift for a host of an Easter party, or to leave out for guests. You can check out my box when it arrived on my Instagram page. C’est magnifique!
  2. 7 Ideas for Delicious Easter Treats - Featuring @lemacaronsaraso - Macarons Worth Swooning Over - on Theresa's Reviews www.theresasreviews.comYou can use Barbara’s Snackimals Cereal in Vanilla Blast to create delicious granola bars for snack or for breakfast. On a busy morning, these will be quite the treat! All you need is cereal, some cranberries, blueberries, salted sunflower seeds, cinnamon, almond butter, brown rice syrup, honey, brown sugar, and vanilla extract. Mix together the cereal, cranberries, blueberries, seeds, and cinnamon. At the same time, heat the brown rice syrup, vanilla, brown sugar, honey, and the brown rice syrup in a pan. Mix all of the ingredients together. Then, spread it into a square pan and bake at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 25 minutes. Let cool, cut into squares, and serve to your kids!7 Ideas for Delicious Easter Treats - Featuring Barbara's Cereal - on Theresa's Reviews www.theresasreviews.com - Snackanimals Cereal Bars
  3. Nature plays a huge role on Easter. Pull some of your inspiration from nature into your cooking. Although a Buche de Noel or a Yule Log is typically a Christmas treat, it looks mighty festive for Easter when topped with meringue mushrooms. You could even add a bunny under the log or other fun accents. To save some time, buy your meringue mushrooms from Enchanted Bake Shop. I tried these out over Valentine’s Day weekend, and they were super tasty. My kids loved having an extra sugary treat on top of our cupcakes.7 Ideas for Delicious Easter Treats - Featuring @enchantedbakes - on Theresa's Reviews www.theresasreviews.com
  4. Marshmallow treats are tasty any time of year. Here are 10 of the best Easter marshmallow recipes that all look delicious. Instead of sticking to the traditional marshmallows, check out Plush Puffs. This company makes the most delicious marshmallows I’ve ever tried. You can get flavors that will bring a dessert recipe to life. My favorites were chocolate chipetta and caramel swirl. I topped my coffee with these treats each morning for a couple weeks. They took the hard edge off the coffee and helped me start my morning on a sweet, positive note.
  5. 7 Ideas for Delicious Easter Treats - Featuring @plushpuffs - on Theresa's Reviews www.theresasreviews.comEaster treats don’t have to be sugary and unhealthy. With Truvia, you can make anything that calls for a sweetener, from peach strudel to Tuscan bean soup. Check out some of these delicious recipes. I’ve used Truvia for years because it has a great taste. For baking, use the baking blend or brown sugar blend. Both blends offer 75% less calories than regular brown sugar or regular sugar. On a holiday, you’re more likely to overindulge. Cook with healthy ingredients, so a delicious Easter meal won’t ruin your diet.7 Ideas for Delicious Easter Treats - Featuring @TruviaBrand - on Theresa's Reviews www.theresasreviews.com
  6. Easter morning, wake up to a delicious cold cup of sweet, delicious coffee. With Cold Brew Kitchen coffee, you can prepare coffee the night before. Cold brew coffee is different from iced coffee because you actually brew it cold, not in a hot coffee maker. Simply soak the coffee in a container overnight. Then, strain it using a cheesecloth or a similar material. Cold Brew Kitchen coffee is made specifically for this process, so it’s a great way to simplify your morning. Easter is an ideal time for a cool drink since the end of March should be warm.
  7. 7 Ideas for Delicious Easter Treats - Featuring @coldbrewkitchen - on Theresa's Reviews www.theresasreviews.comFor the heartiest part of your Easter meals, add a dash of a decadent flavor. With Spice Lab’s Gourmet Candied Bacon Rub, you can create a flavorful, gourmet meat. These are excellent for an Easter morning bacon and eggs meal. You could also use the spices as a glaze for your Easter ham. The spices have an excellent mixture of spice and sweetness, to help elevate any home meal for the holiday.

7 Ideas for Delicious Easter Treats - Featuring The Spice Lab - on Theresa's Reviews www.theresasreviews.com

These 7 ideas will help you make delicious treats for Easter. What are you planning to cook in your home?


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  1. CourtneyLynne

    Omg so many fabulous ideas!!! I can never say no to macaroons!! One of my favorites

  2. Kimberly

    Wow, some really great ideas. I think the cold brewed coffee sounds like one of the coolest ones. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Elizabeth O

    Nice collection of treats there. I love chocolate Easter eggs and all the dessert ideas that people come up with during Easter… I’ll take a few of the above please. 🙂

  4. Allison

    I love to cook, but I am no baker. I always make coconut cupcakes for Easter, but I could see using some of these ideas. Now I’m hungry!!!

  5. Mayra Murillo

    Yes to all things macarons! They were the theme in my bridal shower and all my thank you cards. Aside from this, they are delicious and I like that most are made with Almond flour, which is gluten free. I never thought about featuring them for Easter though. Great idea!

  6. Nicole

    I’ve always wanted to try macaroons! Such a great list of treats and so much better than the traditional items people tend to think of and go for when thinking of Easter.


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