Planning on running out tomorrow morning to get a special someone her Mother’s Day gift? Head to your local retailer to get a Caboodles carrying case for cosmetics. The company’s products are simple to find and are especially useful to know about if you only have an hour time limit to purchase the right gift. To try out one of the company’s products, I received the 12″ black pro cosmetic case. After trying the item out, I would recommend it for women who own a lot of makeup and for women who enjoy being organized.

Caboodles Review

For a while, I had been hoping to find a carrying case to help organize beauty supplies and makeup in my bathroom. Since my sink doesn’t have drawers, I needed a different way to organize my items under the sink. The cosmetic case was exactly what I needed. When the product was closed, it was sturdy. The rectangular shape helped create organization. Because I was switching from a soft makeup case that often spilled its contents to a more durable, hard case, I noticed how useful the new item was.

Caboodles Review

When I opened the product, it had three rectangular storage areas. I pulled the storage areas out to find that I could access each part of the case at the same time. I realized that I had even more storage space than I thought I might have inside the case. Because the case was structured so well, it was incredibly useful. There was even space to put my jewelry, so it didn’t have to keep taking up space in my clothing drawers. The interior had a smooth, patterned covering that went well with the black coloring of the product.

Caboodles Review

While the item had a lot of storage space, it was also easy to store under my sink. Folding the item back up made it more compact. The item was built to stand up well and to hold its weight when opened. Using an item that was so spacious had many advantages. For professional make up artists, the case would be a very practical item to take to do make up at different events.

My daughter was intrigued by the item. She is already making plans to get her own Caboodles when she is old enough to need one. I might actually buy her one to keep her jewelry and hair ties if she runs out of room in her other case. The item also could work well for other kids’ items, such as doll house items. In the future, I will plan to continue using my item to help organize my things and I wholeheartedly recommend it to others. 

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I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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