Looking for excellent Mother’s Day gift ideas, I came across a company that specializes in sun dried tomatoes, Bella Sun Luci. To help me experience the taste that makes the items so special, the company sent me a large box full of different styles of sun dried tomatoes to try. Eating the food reminded me of growing up eating delicious, Italian meals. As I took my first bite, I was transported in time and space to a bistro in Florence, Italy, where the food tastes fresh and flavorful. My experience of trying the food out was both delicious and inspiring.

Bella Sun Luci Sun Dried Tomatoes Review

Two of the products the company sent were flavored tomato snacks. As I packed my lunch for work, I added a side of flavored tomato snacks to my sandwich, instead of my typical raw carrots. Eating sun dried tomatoes as snacks was a new experience for me. Flavors were rich and succulent. The slow roasted style was delicious. While the taste was appealing, it made me feel more full than a raw snack. My hunger was satiated for a long time after lunch. The snacks were healthy, low fat and low calorie. Switching up my typical lunch routine to try something new was a success.

Each item I received came with an inspiring recipe. Having recipes so easily accessible made my weekly grocery planning much easier. Rushing from work to dinner to grocery shopping, all I had to do was pick up one of the items to instantly get a good idea for a meal. The recipes were simple, which made grocery shopping easy to do. Each recipe used items that I was able to find in my local grocery store.

With the Greek oregano sun dried tomatoes that came in a resealable pouch, I created a Greek salad. The healthy creation fit with my family’s healthy eating goals, while it also tasted great. All of the ingredients were items that appeal to my taste buds, such as peppers, red onion, Greek olives and feta. Creating a delicious salad was simple to do. I would make the recipe again in the future, especially since my family enjoyed it too.

As a tasty lunch, I created an Italian prosciutto panini. Using a flat bread, mozzarella, prosciutto, fresh basic, extra virgin olive oil, and a jar of the sun dried tomato bruschetta, I cooked the sandwich on my panini maker. When the cheese melted and the bread became well toasted, the meal was delicious. The fresh basil and the taste of the tomatoes really added to the flavor of the sandwich.

Another meal I tried was the Italian meatloaf. I combined lean ground beef, pork sausage, the tomato pesto sauce, and a few other ingredients. Although the meatloaf was different from the traditional American style, the taste was excellent. I had enough left over to eat the meal again the next day, which I was happy to do since I had enjoyed the meal so much the first time. In the future, I will look forward to eating more delicious Italian meals from Bella Sun Luci. 

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I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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