These ideas for Super Bowl party food are easy to pull off with little preparation. You can create an entire spread for a party with simple tips. First, remember to include the theme of the party, football, in as many ways as possible. Next, people want to be near the food, so set up snack centers in different areas. Finally, offer a variety of sweet and savory treats to appeal to everyone. While preparing for your 2016 Super Bowl party, great food can be easy to provide for your guests.

2016 Super Bowl Party Food Ideas

1.) Football-shaped food items

Prepare festive, football-shaped food. Keep your mind on the game, even when you’re eating. At home, you can make a pepperoni pizza cheeseball or football shaped hand pie appetizers. Both kids and adults can appreciate football-shaped food on Super Bowl Sunday. You could even ask your local pizza place to put the pepperoni in the shape of a football.

Harry & David makes a Hometeam snack box that comes with football-shaped beef sausage. This is an easy way to provide appetizers for your party, and it’s a great gift to the host of a party. The exterior casing of the football comes off when you eat it, leaving more than enough sausage for a party. You also get crackers and white cheddar cheese in the snack box, so there’s everything you need for a sausage and cheese appetizer.

2016 Super Bowl Party Food Ideas - @harryanddavid - Theresa's Reviews -

2.) Snack centers in different areas

Set up snacks in different parts of the party’s location. Double check that your guests will be within arm’s reach of a snack, and that nothing will block the snacks. Guests sitting in one part of the room should be able to reach the snacks they want without walking in front of the television.

One of the great things about the Hometeam snack box is that it comes with enough snacks that you could place them strategically around your room. The bean dip and cheese dip were some of my favorites. The only thing you would need to buy would be some chips to go with the dips. The snack box also came with a generous amount of Hoot ‘N Holler snack mix. The taste was excellent! I loved the crackers and pretzels.

2016 Super Bowl Party Food Ideas - @harryanddavid - Theresa's Reviews -

3.) Sweet and savory snacks

Set out a variety of snacks to appeal to everyone. Although savory snacks are traditional for football games, provide some sweet snacks too. Receiving sweet popcorn was another big advantage of the snack box. Since the taste was delicious, the whole family enjoyed it. Sweet snacks are especially appealing to your youngest guests, which is perfect if you will be entertaining kids during your Super Bowl party.

2016 Super Bowl Party Food Ideas - @harryanddavid - Theresa's Reviews -

Do you have ideas for 2016 Super Bowl party food? Share your ideas below in the comments section.


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42 Responses

  1. Mary

    Ohh I love Superbowl parties. I will confess that I am not a football person at all, but I love a party that’s centered around fun food. We’re all about firing up the grill or smoker on Superbowl day and going all out. Grilling tons of fun appetizers! Cheers

  2. Adriana

    These are such great ideas! I LOVE Super Bowl specifically for all of the amazing foods we can make haha!
    xo Adriana

  3. Britney

    This is so neat! If my husband decides to do a big thing for the Super Bowl this year, I will be tackling the football because that is just way too awesome (and dare I say cute haha!).

  4. Laci

    perfect !!! I love making cute and neat foods for the super bowl I live in the south and I get as excited as the husband

  5. Emily

    The pepperoni pizza cheese ball sounds mouthwatering. I can’t wait until Super Bowl Sunday! Thanks for the great ideas!

  6. Chel

    Totally don’t have a family who is football crazy – still don’t even know who is IN the Superbowl this year. A little sad… but the food looks exciting! I love a nice food spread to go along with the theme of the party!

  7. Lisa Martens

    I have to admit that now that I’m no longer married I don’t watch much sports. I do have my adult daughter and my 4 year old grandson living with me though so at some point we should probably turn the tv on to a sporting event and teach him the basics, (like how to yell at the tv) just so he has a rounded education. The super bowl would be a great place to start. I might have to come up with some fun snacks and make it a special night for him. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  8. Mhar Sefcik

    I like serving sweet and savory snacks. I also like having chips and dips whenever there’s a party or Superbowl party at our place.

  9. Stevie on the Move

    Ohhh, I love Super Bowl Parties! Too bad when being constantly on the road it’s hard to find a good one. I think I’ll have to make my own up here in Arctic Norway! 😀

  10. Nandini

    All of it looks delicious! The Superbowl equivalent here for cricket is called the IPL – I don’t watch it much but these are nice ideas to try 🙂

  11. Debonita @elegantlyfashionable

    Hello there, came across your blog via the Show your love facebook group. Love these super bowl food ideas. I am based in England so I have never watched super bowl games but can definitely try these for football matches here.

    Debs x

  12. Monroe Bishop

    Super bowl is the best! Fun, friends, commercials and FOOD! I’ve personally never hosted one but I love to attend these events! Your ideas looks great.. What time shall I be there? Lol

  13. Ashley

    Seeing all the superbowl food ideas lately have given me so many ideas for our party this sunday! I recently got into really liking to cook so I have so many ones I want to try!

  14. Cliona

    I’m Irish so I don’t really get the whole super bowl thing but I have a friend who’s married to an American and I know that they always do a big Super Bowl night so they would definitely like the snack tips!

  15. Stephanie

    I’ve actually decided to opt out of the Superbowl parties this year. Mostly because I’m working away from my boyfriend and his friends this weekend and I’m glad to have a break. I’m getting a massage and then will probably come home to watch. I may have to make myself some sweet and savory snack like the one you show here. Yum! Total “me” day!

  16. Daniela

    Oh my goodness, I am such a sucker for themed-items, in this case, football-shaped items. Also, I live for cheese and crackers. Yum!!

  17. Amy Jones

    I’m loving this! Great ideas, i think is awesome to make a really special day the SB day. My family is not really into football but with food like this we can make an exception for that day

  18. Jules

    Cool ideas! Nice to get away from the usual wings, chips and salsa. Nothing wrong with those but it’s nice to see other things to choose from!


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