If you’re looking for delicious fresh food, there’s no place better to go than a pick your own farm. Located in Howard County, Maryland, Larriland Farm has several fields for you to pick from for an all day fall harvest experience. I’ve been there before to pick pumpkins, do a hay ride, and visit the petting zoo, but this was my first time to visit for the fall harvest. My favorite part was seeing my children learn how food grows and get excited about picking it.

Children enjoying the fall harvest at Larriland Farm

Pick Your Own Fall Harvest At Larriland Farm

Our first stop was to check out the grapes. I grew up with a small grapevine in my yard, but my children hadn’t seen grapes growing in the wild before. They loved going under the vine to find the best, most luscious looking grapes to eat. The variety of grapes we picked was a bit tart for my children, but I enjoyed how they tasted, and I ate them all week.

Grapes are one part of the fall harvest at Larriland Farm in Maryland!

The next field we visited had the blackberries, which were ripe, delicious, and plentiful. We enjoyed spotting the best blackberries to pick. Since I have been looking for healthy back to school snacks, this fruit was the perfect choice.

You can also find blackberries at Larriland Farm in Maryland in the fall.

Our next stop was the tomato field. At first, it was overwhelming how busy this area was! People were leaving with several gigantic bags of tomatoes, and the line was long. While I waited, my children ran around gathering tomatoes, and they found some gigantic ones! We bought 12 tomatoes to use in our cooking for the week.

I ended up making an incredible homemade pasta sauce. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos, but I will have to try it again to perfect the recipe. After peeling the tomatoes, I slow cooked them and made meatballs with veal and beef. It was the best Sunday pasta dish I’ve had in a while!

The fall produce at Larriland Farm is ripe and delicious.

Next to the tomato farm, we visited the sunflower field. The gorgeous sunflowers reminded me that even though summer is over, there’s still some time to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather. Several people were checking out this area and taking their photos with the sunflowers, but it wasn’t too busy.

Larriland Farm also has a sunflower field in the fall.

We left with more than enough produce! The fall harvest at Larriland Farm offers delicious grapes, tomatoes, blackberries, apples, and sunflowers. Visiting the farm helped us add fresh food to our meals, and it was a wonderful way to get outside while the weather is still nice. We loved gathering our own food at the farm, and we can’t wait to return to do it again. My daughter said she wishes she could always shop for food this way, instead of going to the grocery store.

A day spent at a pick your own farm is well worth the time there! Not only do you get a unique farm experience, but you also get fruit that lasts all week.

Have you been to a pick your own farm before? Share your experience below in the comments!

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    My family would enjoy this very much. I love the beautiful fruit you got!


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