In the week after Christmas, it’s good practice to show gratitude towards others. One of the biggest things I’m grateful for right now would be the companies who worked with me over the holiday season to provide excellent gifts for my girls. Christmas morning was such a surprise. Samantha said that Santa must have brought her 180 million toys, and did he really think she was good enough for all of them?

Teaching Kids to Be Grateful

Some of the best gifts in life are simple, but impossible to buy. That’s what Samantha learned when she spent time with family this holiday season. Warm fireplaces, cuddles, and tasty treats have imprinted on her memory. Volunteering at her school to make gingerbread magnets was more special than anything. The holiday season is about more than waking up to the gifts under the tree, while showing gratitude for gifts is important for kids to learn.

Recently, another priceless moment was when Samantha discovered her Educational Insights toy catalogue. Guess who is inside the front cover? Samantha! The company liked her photo so much from my Puppet on a Stick Rainbow Prancer post that they asked my permission to include the photo in their catalogue. I’m so grateful to collaborate with a company with a mission to educate kids. Samantha loves the chance to “earn” toys by doing photo shoots and offering her input in my reviews. Educational Insights was great to work with this year, and as always, the company was happy to provide multiple toys for my kids to open on Christmas morning. Check out the catalogue page in this picture.

Educational Insights Toy Giveaway - Theresa's Reviews -

It’s cool that the company promotes their bloggers. I’m honored to have my website and photo included, even if the photo was very unstaged. I snapped it of Samantha after she got the toy, and I forget if it was for her birthday or for Easter last year. She was so excited to play with the toys that I could barely get her to sit still.

Now, with it being New Year’s Eve, I’m writing my New Year’s Resolutions tonight. Raising my children to be grateful is a major goal for me, and this starts with the thank you cards that must go out soon.

Educational Insights Toy Giveaway

I’m very appreciative of my readers this year! To celebrate the new year, I’m launching a giveaway tonight. You’ll be able to win a set of three Puppet on a Stick Rainbow Prancers. What were your kids the most grateful for this Christmas? Follow the prompts to enter!
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The item provided for the giveaway is given for free, but it in no way influenced my opinion!

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  1. Jenny

    So far this season my kids are most grateful for their friends. We had a new years eve party last night with lots of their friends and they’re ready to do it again 🙂

  2. Krystal

    I really have to work with my kids on gratitude. They really seem to struggle around the holidays when they are getting so many gifts. We focus on people being more important than presents.

    • theresa

      Absolutely! I’ve been getting my kids to ask how they can help more, to show their gratitude by giving back.

  3. Stephanie

    I really enjoyed this post! It must be wonderful to partner with a company like that. I’m not sure what my children were most grateful for this year… My daughter is two and my son is one. They barely talk at this point but I think if I could guess my daughter really seemed to enjoy helping and teaching her little brother this Christmas. She has spent most of her time the last week helping HIM play and it’s been lovely to watch.

    Happy New Year Theresa!

  4. Carolsue

    My children are grateful for their pets and siblings (not sure in which order)

  5. Kristen

    That is so awesome! I bet she was super excited to see her picture!

    I think my son is getting old enough now to start to work on gratitude. Next holiday season I want to have him pick out gifts to donate, and we have talked about ways our family can give more.

  6. Elizabeth Edgar

    I love this. I agree that we need to teach our kids how to be grateful. That is one of top things I keep in mind when I am raising my daughter.

  7. Hil

    I am trying to teach my daughter about kids in other countries. We are buying toys and underwear to send to Malawi to the school I used to work with.

  8. Mary

    My girls have been very thankful for each other. This is a big deal! The fact that they are grateful to be able to play with each other makes me happy!

  9. Jules Ruud

    Gratitude is so important. We are hoping a lack of gifts around the holidays and birthdays and an emphasis on donating will help our children embrace gratitude. Right now, I have been impressed with how grateful they are for so little, I just hope it keeps up.


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