One quiet summer’s day, a mom friend explained to me that she was too lazy to get a chore done. The word lazy stuck out in my mind. Her house was always filled with the delicious aroma of a freshly prepared basmati rice dish and her refrigerator filled with organic fruit for snacks. She never struck me as anything other than an energetic and caring mother. When our conversation ended, I realized that she was embracing laziness to give herself a moment of peace. If you’re a busy parent, learning some mom hacks can help. Sometime, it’s okay to embrace having a few moments – or a day – when you do nothing at all.

Lazy (or Smart) Mom Hacks

Lazy may be the last thing you want someone to think of you. Whether you’re an overachieving mom or a people pleaser, relaxing is important to do. Since National Lazy Mom’s Day is on September 1st, today on Theresa’s Reviews you can check out some mom hacks to give you get the break you need.

Allow Your Children To Play Independently

Playing is a wonderful way to enjoy the time when your children are little, but you are still a great mother even if you allow them to play independently. Every once in a while, it’s okay to let children know that it’s not the right time for you to play. They can learn valuable skills by playing independently. As children get closer to kindergarten, they need to know how to play without having constant adult interaction.

For some suggestions on what to do during independent play time, check out Screen Free Quiet Time Ideas That Encourage Independent Play from What’s Up Fagans?


Photo Credit: What’s Up Fagans?

Another idea is to make a Boredom Jar. Check out this DIY tutorial from My Heavenly Recipes. This simple idea can teach children how to handle boredom without turning on a television.

Boredom Jar

Photo Credit: My Heavenly Recipes

If you have younger children, a sensory bin is an easy way to keep them busy and happy without making too big of a mess. Check out some tips about making a Buried Treasure Sensory Bin from Atlanta’s Frugal Mom.

Sensory Bin

Photo Credit: Atlanta’s Frugal Mom

Are you stuck in the car for a long commute with your children?

Check out 5 Things To Listen To In The Car with Your Kids from Let Me Give You Some Advice. You can also read Car Games For Kids from Atlanta’s Frugal Mom to help this part of your day go more smoothly.

Another thing that helps is lowering your expectations of what children need to do during long car rides. Children need a break too.

Simplify Meal Time

Create tasty dishes quickly. One of the easiest breakfasts you can make is muffins. With a few simple steps, you have a delicious breakfast. Check out this Cheesy Courgette Frittata Recipe with Zucchini from Emma Eats and Explores. You could also simplify the recipe by taking out a few of the fresh ingredients, but I like that it’s a low carb, paleo, and sugar-free recipe.

Courgette Breakfast Muffins

Photo Credit: Emma Eats and Explores

Another easy idea is to get an Instant Pot, which are very popular because they make cooking go much faster. You can check out some tips for a delicious Instant Pot Chili from My Wife Can Cook.


Photo credit: My Wife Can Cook

Next, cook large amounts of food! I do this all the time in my home. We use large amounts of rice or cauliflower rice with our meat and stretch the meal out to last another lunch or dinner.

Read My Quick Kitchen Philosophy from Real Nutritious Living for some other great tips for making your meals take less time out of your day.

Looking for a simple Italian meal? Check out the Creamy Italian Sausage Tortellini Skillet recipe from Soulfully Made. If you stock up on frozen tortellini and jarred marinara sauce, Italian food can be a great go-to meal when you don’t have meat thawed for dinner.


Photo Credit: Soulfully Made

Shop Smart

Some of the newest products in stores can help make life easier. As an example, Otis Spunkmeyer now offers a line of Grab-N-Go foods. Whether you snack on the Cinnamon Crumb Loaf Cake, the Iced Lemon Loaf Cake, or a classic Chocolate Chunk Cookie, you can treat yourself and relax. Since each item is individually wrapped, these snacks are easy to take on the go. Plus, they have no artificial colors or flavors, no high fructose corn syrup, and no partially hydrogenated oils.OtisRetro_LoafCakes_CinnCrumb_4oz_IW_MockUpAnother new product perfect for lazy mom hacks are Kleenex Multicare Tissues. With these extra-large tissues, you get 75% larger tissues. Not only do these work for a really runny nose, but you can also use them to make sure that you apply your make up correctly, or to clean a surprise spill.

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