Ask anyone what they need for New Year’s Eve, and the answers you will find will vary. Whether you are heading out to a party or celebrating in your home with your family, there are a few key items that anyone could use on New Year’s Eve. Heading into the new year, you should use items that will make you feel pampered, relaxed, and comfortable. Once again, I scoured the internet in search of the best items that any women would need. Check out some ideas that are as practical as they are delightful.

3 New Year’s Eve Essentials

1.) A Stellar Beauty Routine

New Year’s Eve preparation begins days in advance. Pamper yourself with a Beauty by Earth bath bomb set. Relax away all of the stress of the holidays. The bath bombs are also great if you aren’t feeling well or have a strained muscle. Each set comes with bath bombs tailored to your specific concerns.

Your beauty routine should receive some special attention leading up to New Year’s Eve. A week before, do a hydrating facial mask, which you can also get from Beauty by Earth. Don’t do a mask right before a party since you’ll bring imperfections to the surface of your skin. I used this face mask for a couple weeks, and I was very pleased with my skin. I had been having some problem areas, but the mask helped make my skin look much smoother and more hydrated.

3 New Year's Eve Essentials - @beautybyearth - Theresa's Reviews -

2.) The Right Outfit

New Year’s Eve calls for a classy outfit. You can look stylish without sacrificing comfort. Pair black slacks and a festive blouse with some Arcopedico W67 boots. Wearing a comfortable, stylish outfit will make you look confident. I wore the boots for several weeks, while they became my favorite shoes. I liked the rounded toe of the boots. To try the shoes out, I wore them to work and to go out in the evening. Skip the heels so you can actually enjoy the evening.

3 New Year's Eve Essentials - Arcopedico - Theresa's Reviews -

3.) Low Maintenance Makeup Supplies

When you head out for the night, skip the high maintenance makeup. The purpose of the night is to enjoy the experience. Get involved in your conversations, dancing, and listening to music. Instead of lipstick, lip liner, or a gooey lip gloss, pack a simple lip balm. When your lip skin looks healthy, you’ll look great. No one will notice whether your lips have enough lipstick when a party is happening anyway.

3 New Year's Eve Essentials - @beautybyearth - Theresa's Reviews - - Lip Balm Multi-Pack

What are your New Year’s Eve essentials? Share your ideas below! Do you like high maintenance routines or low maintenance routines when you’re celebrating the new year?


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15 Responses

  1. Melody

    I haven’t had a bath bomb set in ages.I used to get my set from Lush but I’m open to new places.I love it as much as I love my bubble baths with a glass of champagne of course lol

  2. Kelly Collins

    I love it! I have already begun my end of the year self care. I did a beautt mask today and I’m hoping to get to a hot bubble bath tomorrow. I could really use a hot yoga session too. Funny enough, my going days of going out on NYE are long gone ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. Ashley

    Wonderful advice! I especially agree with doing your face masks and skin prep well in advance. I also like to make sure that I stay hydrated so my skin doesn’t look too drained from all the holiday festivities.

  4. CourtneyLynne

    Ooooo everything sounds pretty fabulous! I’m always a fan of a good face mask!

  5. Jill Robbins

    Love! I am good with #1 & #2 but I’m undecided about the shoes! I have a lot of really cute shoes that pinch and it’s hard to have fun when your feet hurt!
    Happy New Year!


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