Today, Theresa’s Reviews reached 5k Twitter followersr! To celebrate, I’m sharing my thoughts about growing a Twitter account, while at the same time featuring my favorite 2017 spring children’s dress from Feltman Brothers. If you have an important event you want to commemorate, this children’s dress will make the occasion special. Whether you are taking photographs for Mother’s Day or your weekend beach getaway, this wholesome, classic dress will bring out your child’s natural beauty.

5k Twitter Followers Celebration & Feltman Brothers $60 Gift Card Giveaway - Theresa's Reviews

How To Get To 5k Twitter Followers

Getting to 5k Twitter followers is simple. First, you might be wondering does Twitter matter anymore, and why? Twitter has a lot of value if you are trying to build a brand or website to its full potential. Whether you are a blogger, influencer, or entrepreneur, having a Twitter account helps show that you are a real entity. Major brands are on Twitter, and they like to see that you can interact there.

Also, Twitter is useful for live tweeting from events. If you go on a press trip or travel somewhere new, you can immediately tell your followers about it. Since the tweets don’t last long in your followers’ feed, you don’t have to worry about having a perfectly edited picture (as you would on Instagram). It also takes less effort than going live on Facebook.

5k Twitter Followers Celebration & Feltman Brothers $60 Gift Card Giveaway - Theresa's Reviews

Some bloggers say that Twitter doesn’t do much as far as getting people to visit your website. Now that I have put some work into my Twitter account, I have seen how powerful being retweeted by the right account is. You can also add a comment to your retweet of someone else’s post to start a discussion. Putting in a little work to build my account helped increase referrals to my website, even though that wasn’t my primary goal. 

To celebrate this milestone for Theresa’s Reviews, I’m sharing a children’s clothing brand my family adores, Feltman Brothers, with a giveaway at the end of the article. During our milestone celebration, we took nice photos, and we spent the day grilling for the first time of the year and playing in the yard. If you click those links, you can see the fun we had!

Spring Dresses From Feltman Brothers

If you’re looking for beautiful spring dresses for your little ones, you’re in the right place. Today, Theresa’s Reviews features the Blue Smocked Dress With Pearls from Feltman Brothers. Not only is the style gorgeous, but the fabric is also lightweight and perfect for warmer weather.

5k Twitter Followers Celebration & Feltman Brothers $60 Gift Card Giveaway - Theresa's Reviews

My daughter has worn a Feltman Brothers dress before this photo shoot. Over Christmas break, we had a mother and daughter day out and took photos for the article 3 Tips For Your Children’s Holiday Photos. Then, she wore the Smocked Holiday Dress, which comes with festive red and green stitching.

I like Feltman Brothers dresses for few reasons. First, the style is wholesome and age appropriate. Next, since my daughter has worn one of their dresses before, I have seen that the dresses hold up well and are durable. Finally, the sizing is generous enough that the dresses may still fit next year. 

Isn’t the dress adorable? I can’t wait to take my daughter somewhere special so she can show it off to everyone!

$60 Feltman Brothers Gift Card Giveaway

Thanks again for helping Theresa’s Reviews get to 5k Twitter followers! To show my appreciation, I am giving away a $60 gift card to Feltman Brothers. Complete the entries with the simple Rafflecopter widget below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

5k Twitter Followers Celebration & Feltman Brothers $60 Gift Card Giveaway - Theresa's Reviews

Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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  1. Bree Courtney

    I’d never heard of Feltman Brothers before, but that dress is adorable, perfect for Spring! Also, thank you for the Twitter tips. It is my least favorite social media outlet, but I know it’s important so I’m always trying to learn how to do it better.

  2. Shann Eva

    I love this dress! It looks adorable on your daughter. I wish they made one in my size! Thanks for the great review and giveaway too. Congrats on Twitter…that’s amazing!

  3. C. Gibson

    Wow 5k followers, that’s great. I just started on twitter myself, and still trying to learn how to use it.


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