One of the hardest parts of summer ending was sending my daughter off to her first day of Pre-K! In all four years of her childhood, this day was one of the most difficult. Since she has always spent every day with family members, the transition to Pre-K was difficult. Fortunately, since she was very excited to finally be out of the house, the day went smoothly.

Tips For The First Day Of Pre-K

If Pre-K is the first year for your child to be in a drop-off school program, you can help make the first day a success. Check out a few tips to help the day go well.

1. Remind your child of the wonderful things they will do in Pre-K.

As you get ready to say goodbye, remember that this moment is more difficult for you than it is for your child. Convey happiness, confidence, and excitement to your child. If you look nervous or sad, your child will notice and wonder if it’s a sad day. Even if you have hesitations about whether Pre-K is the best place for your child, don’t let your child know.

Tell your child specific things they will do during their day. Remind them about special dance breaks, circle time, or snack time.

First day of Pre-K

2. Remember to enjoy the small moments before saying goodbye, and to chat at the end of the day.

Set a calm pace for the day. Make the morning relaxing by cooking a special meal. Rushing can be stressful, especially if your child hasn’t had a structured schedule during the summer.

First day of Pre-k

At the end of the day, have a fun celebration planned. We bought a special First Day Of School cookie cake for her to share with her sister. Small gestures are very meaningful. Do something simple to communicate how proud you are.

Ask only a couple questions at the end of the day. You might want every detail, but when your child is tired, she might not be ready to go over it all with you.

3. Prepare your child with the essentials.

A child who is prepared will feel confident. Send your child with anything the teacher requested, and make sure that you read all communication the teacher sends you. Have all paperwork promptly completed and returned. Some things you might need include a backpack and an emergency change of clothes. You can also leave a sweet note for your child to find at school.

First day of Pre-K

The first day of Pre-K went much better than I had expected! Children are so excited to be in a new learning environment and can often adapt quickly to a new situation if they are excited to be there.

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