Disney fans everywhere will be excited to hear that as of June 6, 2017 you can own the newest addition to the Signature Collection, Bambi. With the release of the Bambi anniversary edition blu-ray, you get exclusive bonus material, a collectable Tyrus Wong lithograph, and the first time ever available digital copy.

Bambi Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Review

Bambi was one of my favorite movies when I was a child! I couldn’t wait to receive the Bambi Anniversary Edition blu-ray. When you re-watch your favorite movies as an adult, you gain a whole new perspective of the movie, while also seeing what your children think of it today.

The Bambi Anniversary Edition Blu-ray is released on June 6th.

The Bambi Anniversary Edition Blu-ray is released on June 6th.

Interesting Bonus Material

While watching the bonus material, I realized this movie changed the future of Disney movies. Before this movie, Disney animal cartoons were simplistic. When Bambi was made, Walt Disney brought in live animals to the studio. Animators practiced drawing live animals to help make the movie. From the quick movements of squirrels to the strong muscles of deers, the drawings became much more life-like.

After the creation of such realistic animals in Bambi, animation changed forever. With later movies that include Lion King and The Jungle Book, a trend started to show how animals truly look.

A Classic Story That Children Enjoy

My daughter was excited to watch the movie. Thoughtfully, she made a detailed movie poster to display.

Since my daughter was excited to watch the Bambi Anniversary Edition Blu-ray, she created a movie poster for our movie night.

Since my daughter was excited to watch the Bambi Anniversary Edition Blu-ray, she created a movie poster for our movie night.

My children had a couple of favorite parts. First, they adored Thumper. Rabbits have always been one of their favorite animals. Also, they thought the skunk named Flower was hilarious.

Since my memories of Bambi were of it being a lovely but sad story, I was glad to see my children enjoy it. Not only did my children enjoy it, but the whole family could also appreciate how awesome the colors showed up on our television.

Collectible Tyrus Wong Lithograph

Another neat part of the Bambi anniversary edition blu-ray was that it came with the collectible Tyrus Wong Lithograph. Tyrus Wong was an artist whose paintings inspired the movie. Since he passed away in December 2016, the lithograph commemorates him. Owning this beautiful scene is a wonderful part of having the movie. Disney fans can truly appreciate this.

With the Bambi Anniversary Edition Blu-ray, you receive the collectible Tyrus Wong Lithograph.

With the Bambi Anniversary Edition Blu-ray, you receive the collectible Tyrus Wong Lithograph.

Digital Edition

If you need another reason to own the new Bambi anniversary edition blu-ray, remember that with this edition, you can now add the movie to your Disney Movies Anywhere collection. This is my third movie to have in my digital collection. Having an online resource of Disney movies is very helpful during summer travels!

Bambi Trailer

Need more reasons to pick up the blu-ray next week? Check out the trailer below for more information, and pre-order the combo pack today!

Did you enjoy Bambi when you were a child? Leave me a comment!

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Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

22 Responses

  1. Robin Rue

    Oh how I loved Bambi when I was a kid. I watched it about a million times with my sister! I can’t wait to show it to my own kids!

  2. Jane Davidson

    This was one of my all time favorite movies growing up. It has to be so neat to be able to pass that along to your children now!

  3. Marcie

    Bambi was one of the first movies I ever saw in the theater when I was little. They must have replayed old Disney movies in the 80s. So much nostalgia!

  4. Carolyn

    This is one movie that I don’t really remember. I am going to get it for my daughter and I am sure we will both enjoy watching it.

  5. Jackie

    This is so cool! I’ve watched Bambi on vhs and haven’t watched it since. I’ll have to get the dvd to watch it again. Your daughter is so sweet drawing a picture for movie night. I always did something similar as a little girl.

  6. Lindsey Paris

    I used to have Bambi on a clamshell VHS (do the kids know what those are anymore?) and I nearly wore it out, and I never replaced it. Now is the time!

  7. Cecilia Cannon

    I don’t know why but I haven’t watched this movie with my kids yet!!! need to get on this and what a perfect reason to, the anniversary edition.

  8. Janel

    I love the story of Bambi. I didn’t know they were re-releasing it I will probably be purchasing it because I don’t think we have a copy of it .

  9. Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

    I love Disney movies, with a big puffy heart, but I don’t like Bambi or Dumbo. 🙁 I hate the idea of the mom dying. It was a sad movie to me as a kid, and I can’t bear to watch it as an adult.

  10. Karen

    I had no idea that animators used real animals – in the studio – to help their creation of the Bambi drawings! That is amazing! Although Bambi was a sad movie, I love it to pieces and love that its on blu-ray now!

  11. Amanda Love

    That’s really awesome. I made sure that all of my kids watched Bambi as it’s one of my favorites. I would love to have this anniversary edition!

  12. priti

    You wont believe we still have not watched this movie, but after reading all comments and post might have to watch it

  13. Jeanine

    Oh my goodness. I loved bambi so much as a little girl. I actually haven’t watched it with my kids but we can’t wait to!

  14. Holly

    Bambi was the first movie I can remember seeing in the theaters. I love Thumper.

  15. Cindy Ingalls

    I’m so excited for this DVD. I haven’t seen Bambi in such a long time and it definitely one of my favorite Disney classics.

  16. Tiffany Haywood

    I had no idea Bambi had been re-released! I need to go grab this for my Kiddies asap. We watched it on DVR but I would love for them to have a copy of their own.

  17. Rachel

    My kids would really like this movie, especially my son. He loves animals so he would be all about this.

  18. Brittany

    This was one of my favorite movies growing up! I loved the story even though the beginning was so darn sad!

  19. Kristin

    I can’t believe I’ve never showed this to my kiddos. It was one of my favorites growing up! It’s clearly time!

  20. katriza

    I can’t wait to get this, I know it’s a little girly and I have boys but this is a classic and they have to know it! O_O

  21. shelly

    I love love love this movie! I can’t wait until my girls watch it, though I am afraid about that one scene that may devastate them.


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